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Adjudicator Archstone Map

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World Tendency Events

White World

  • In the room Patches kicked you down, the inaccessible corpse is now on the ground. You can pick up the Magic Sword "Makoto".

Black World

  • A Primeval Demon within the left staircase near the first reaper. There is a breakable archway on the second landing. After killing the Dual-Katana Skeleton, look for a pathway along the left side of the cliff to walk up. About half way along you should see it. A Crystal Lizard appears right before it.
    • Note: The Primeval Demon shows up one World Tendency lighter than Pure Black and is likely to drop a Colorless Demon's Soul when killed.
  • Two Black Phantom Gold Skeletons outside on cliffside after the second Reaper
  • One Black Phantom Dual-Katana Skeleton outside on cliffside after the second Reaper

Full Adjudicator Archstone Walkthrough

You will gain access to this area after defeating the Demon Adjudicator. This area has a particular good stop for grinding, as there are some transparent enemies that will give you 400 souls every time and respawn constantly without you having to backtrack to the Nexus.
There is a hidden area near the beginning of 4-2 with a strong enemy and the White Bow, one of the best bows in the game. It's in a secret passage on the stairways within the hall where Death is. Its midway up the stairwell, hit the wall, usually someone leaves a message by it so it should be easy to find. Behind the wall there is a very tough black katana skeleton, either kill him or avoid him, but the White Bow is at the end of the long cliff path to your left. Don't bother until your stats are high enough to use it first or you're risking death for nothing.

If you don't have many souls on you you can lure him into the main room then dash behind him and grab the bow. Run away! If you die it doesn't matter as you have the bow and can recover any souls (assuming you didn't die outside). Another option is to use Soul Remains on him; throw them while you have the black skeleton targeted and he'll focus on the Soul Remains, leaving you free to land a few unguarded attacks.

Adjudicator Archstone Map


(Maps Used With Permission)

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.
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