Archstones in Demon's Souls are a method travel that warps the player to different Locations, or 'nodes', throughout Boletaria. They are limited in functionality, only able to to bring the player back to The Nexus; however, only from the Nexus can the player travel to different locations. Interacting with boss-related Archstones grants the player the rewards from defeating the boss, such as Demon Souls and materials.


   The Nexus
  Archstone of the Small King
        Boletarian Palace
        Phalanx Archstone
        Tower Knight Archstone
        Penetrator Archstone
        Old King Allant Archstone
  Archstone of the Burrow King
        Stonefang Tunnel
        Armor Spider Archstone
        Flamelurker Archstone
        Dragon God Archstone
  Archstone of the Tower Queen
        Tower of Latria
        Fool's Idol Archstone
        Maneater Archstone
        Old Monk Archstone
  Archstone of the Shadowmen
        Shrine of Storms
        Adjudicator Archstone
        Old Hero Archstone
        Storm King Archstone
  Archstone of the Chieftain
        Valley of Defilement
        Leechmonger Archstone
        Dirty Colossus Archstone
        Maiden Astraea Archstone

Notes & Trivia

  • Lamps in Bloodborne function much the same way as Archstones, with different locations being more easily accessed through the Hunter's Dream, the Bloodborne equivalent of the Nexus

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    • Anonymous

      Hi, I killed Demon God in Archstone, but archstone gem is not in Archstone in Nexus.... its ok or what I do wrong?

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