Acolyte of God

Acolyte of God

Health 682 141
150 136
150 Bleeding 113
159 Poison 104
143 Plague 71
Location The Nexus
Drops 175 Souls

Acolyte of God is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


This NPC is a follower of "God" who assists in performing ceremonial duties.


Acolyte of God Information

  • He will tell you about how he lost his courage and left Saint Urbain in a trap.
  • If you talk to him after Patches appears in the Nexus, he will speak disapprovingly of him.
  • If you kill Saint Urbain in the Nexus, he will become hostile and attack you with a Dagger.
  • Drops 175 souls when killed.


Acolyte of God Location: Where to Find Acolyte of God

  • Can be found at The Nexus, disciple's corner.


Acolyte of God Dialogue

After beating Boletarian Palace:

  • I have sinned.
    I swore allegiance to Saint Urbain, but was of no use to him.
    And now I have run away, and abandoned his Honourableness.
  • O Lord, punish me.
    For I have not the strength to punish myself.
  • Oh, Honourable One, I hesitate to imagine your present state.
    Deep within the darkness, where no light shall ever shine.
    Will you continue to pray, even in such misery?

After finishing Shrine of Storms:

  • I swear that I will catch that blasted Hyena some day soon.
    He fooled me, and kicked the Honourable One down a trap door behind the altar of a shrine.
    I… lost my nerve, and very swiftly fled out of that place.

After rescuing Saint Urbain:

  • My! You have rescued the Honourable One!
    I express my deepest gratitude. You have relieved me of a great onus.
    Oh, thank God!

After ?:

  • With Lord Urbain back, the magicians will have to watch themselves.
    Thanks to his holy miracles, you brave battlers of Demons will no longer be solely dependent on dark magic.
    Isn't it wonderful? Surely the Demon slayers have awaited such an opportunity!

After meeting Patches, the Hyena:

  • Do you have any connection to Patches the Hyena?
    I trust not. He is a depraved, vile man, and he deserves no allies.
    I hope that an upstanding hero such as yourself is selective when making associations.
    By the way, I highly recommend the companionship of the jovial Sage Urbain!

After ?:

  • Have you heard the rumours about Astraea of the Valley of Defilement?
    They claim that she and her loyal knight have become Demons, and lead a clan of degenerate miscreants.
    In truth, the rumours are surely unfounded.
    There are all sorts of wrongdoers down there who would think up such nonsense.
    …Yet if the rumours are true…
    Then may she be eternally *****ed for her debasement of the Lord's name!

If attacked:

  • What are you doing!?
  • You have turned against God's teachings!
    Let heaven's wrath be set upon you!


Acolyte of God Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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