Worshipper of God

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Worshipper of God is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

Worshipper of God Information

  • She appears in Nexus talking about her precious stone, a "miracle stone shard".
  • If your Faith is 20 or above, talk to her and she will give you a Pure Faintstone and two Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. If you talk to her with Faith below 20, after rescuing Saint Urbain, she will give it to him instead.
    This is the only guaranteed way to get this pure upgrade stone.
  • If you kill Saint Urbain in the Nexus, she will turn hostile and attack you with a Pickaxe.



  • Nexus, disciple's side



  • Upon entering the Nexus:
    • Oh, my, how has this happened?
      Has God abandoned us for failing to show proper respect to King Allant?
      Oh, umbasa…
  • After completing Boletarian Palace:
    • Back in the time when I lived below Boletaria castle, King Allant left on some strange business, then returned with horrible Demons in tow.
      Soon, the land was ravaged by Demons and soul-starved madmen.
      My spine shudders just to think about it.
      If I did not have my miracle stone-shard, a keepsake of my grandfather, I may not have survived.
  • After defeating another boss:
    • Have you heard?
      If you are attacked by a Demon, you will lose your humanity.
      What a horrible thought… Just what would happen then?
      I simply cannot fathom it.
  • After defeating a third boss:
    • My grandfather had unusual tastes.
      He often visited Stonefang mine, where he collected rocks of all shapes and sizes.
      Most of them had no value…
      But among them he found a miracle stone-shard, which he gave to me.
      Could this, too, be a sign from God?


  • After saving Saint Urbain:
    • Thank goodness; the Lord has not forgotten me yet.
      For He has reunited me with Saint Urbain.
      I shall serve him, and pray with him.
      And thus express my Faith in God!
    • I shall always be by Saint Urbain's side.
      That is the purpose for which God hath put me upon this earth.
  • After defeating Old Hero:
    • I plan to bequeath all of my possessions to Saint Urbain.
      My grandfather's articles may contain more miracle stone-shards like the one he gave me.
      It has no intrinsic powers in and of itself,
      but Saint Urbain can hear the voice of god through it.
  • After defeating Storm King:
    • Oh, I can hardly believe it!
      The fact that I am helping to save the world!
      Oh, Saint Urbain…
  • If faith is 20 or above:
    • You there…
      I can sense it. You can hear the voice of God.
      And you are battling those terrible Demons.
      Our merciful God has sent you here to protect us!
      I will share with you everything I have.
      May the heavens gaze favourably upon you.
  • If Yurt killed Urbain
    • Oh, my, how has this happened?
  • When attacked:
    • Ow!
    • What are you…? You stop that!




  • ???



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