Gold Coin

Usage Increases Luck Temporarily
Weight 0.5

Gold Coin is a Consumable item in  Demon's Souls Remake.


Shiny magical relic. Crushing the coin boosts luck for a small period of time. The engraving has faded over time beyond the point of recognition.


Gold Coin Location: Where to Find Gold Coin



Gold Coin Notes and Tips

  • There is a glitch with this item. If you use it right before leveling up at the Maiden in Black, your luck with skyrocket take you beyond the normal range of levels allowed in-game (Your Luck goes to 79,000 and levels to 999). Has been patched in Update 1.004.
  • Possible fix: It is reported that you can revert the glitch by letting Old King Allant use Soulsucker on you.


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