Gold Coin

Usage Increases Luck Temporarily
Weight 0.5

Gold Coin is a Consumable item in  Demon's Souls Remake.


Shiny magical relic. Crushing the coin boosts luck for a small period of time. The engraving has faded over time beyond the point of recognition.


Gold Coin Location: Where to Find Gold Coin



Gold Coin Notes and Tips

  • There is a glitch with this item. If you use it right before leveling up at the Maiden in Black, your luck with skyrocket take you beyond the normal range of levels allowed in-game (Your Luck goes to 79,000 and levels to 999). Has been patched in Update 1.004.
  • Possible fix: It is reported that you can revert the glitch by letting Old King Allant use Soulsucker on you.


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    • Anonymous

      22 Jul 2021 15:04  

      There is no limit to the bug, you can use the coin and talk to the maiden in black in order to level up, and the luck keeps increasing, I got more than 500k luck, item discovery of over 2mil (doubles with large sword of searching) and damage output of 11k with Blueblood sword. Anything that I hit with sword, dies.

      • Anonymous

        24 Mar 2021 06:41  

        ok so ill say this i farmed probably say 50 officials no coin pissed so i came here to see what was up, saw something about providential and forgot I didnt have it on. put it on got the gold on the first kill and my wt was neutral

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2021 20:12  

          Took me 40 rounds of farming the Fat Official in 2-2 with 128 item discovery (11 luck + Providential Ring + Large Sword of Searching) and with Pure Black World Tendency to get 1 of these.

          • Anonymous

            14 Jan 2021 20:28  

            lol I've killed maybe 10-15 officials and got 2 Gold coins now, but I heard this got patched so they're worthless now?

            • Anonymous

              01 Jan 2021 14:00  

              Omg that kills me. 9 hours of grind pure black and nothing. Not even 1 coin.

              Can anyone save my day and trade? It would be so appreciated

              Psn tocadisco-1

              • Anonymous

                19 Dec 2020 19:19  

                An someone please help me get a coin? I’ve been farming all morning and not drop. I only want it to get the ring from the crow for the trophy.

                • Anonymous

                  18 Dec 2020 01:18  

                  Does anyone know how much luck the gold coin adds precisely? I'm not gonna use the cheat, just want to know if I can farm some rare stuff if I use this.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Dec 2020 21:11  

                    Incredible to read the comments. I am halfway through my very first run and i just got one. I've killed maybe 10 officials, max.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Nov 2020 12:43  

                      Does anyone know the drop rate on this? I've killed over 300. Probably more like 500 to be honest, and not had one drop. Also, is it consumed on use? I'd hate to farm more than one...

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Nov 2020 02:12  

                        This thing breaks the game
                        Get yourself a Bluebood sword (get broken sword from Valley of Defilement, kill Flame****er, give Ed the searing demon soul, upgrade broken sword to Blueblood sword)
                        Go farm fatbois until you get a gold coin to drop
                        Go back to Nexus, use the coin, then talk to waifu
                        Your luck goes skyrocketing into the tens of thousands until the effect wears off
                        Blueblood scales with luck, so its AR goes up into the thousands
                        And now since your item discovery is so high, all rare drops are guaranteed, so you can go kill more fatbois for more gold coins and repeat the glitch
                        There does not seem to be an upper limit on how high the stat or your damage can go so you can do this basically infinitely, probably until you hit an integer limit

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