60 icon_weight.png 0
0 40
critical.png 0 25 
Requirements & Bonus
16 16 12 -
C E D -
Weapon Type Polearm
Buffable No
Damage Type normal_50px

 Phosphorescent is a Polearm Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Polearms are capable of mowing down multiple targets with a single blow but require high Strength and Dexterity in order to be used. The Polearm is effective from mid to long-range and can execute sweeping and thrusting attacks.

A long rod inlaid with a blue jewel that emits phosphorescent light. Bladeless and lightweight, and due to a magical magical enhancement, it slowly regenerates the wielder's MP. One of Lord Rydell's most storied exploits is his theft of this weapon from the witch in the sky.

Location: Where to Find Phosphorescent


Pole Notes & Tips


Pole Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1 Alternate Slash
One-handed R2 Wide Sweep Slash
Two-handed R1 Thrust and Slash
Two-handed R2 Spin Slash
Running/Backstep attack Action and Slash
Rolling attack Action and Slash
Push Push
One-handed L1 Guard
One-handed L2 Thrust



Pole Upgrade Table 




Stat Bonuses


Name physical-attack-power-demonssouls_50px magic-attack-power-demonssouls_50px fire-attack-demonssouls_50px hp-mp-sta-recovery-demon-souls-remake-wiki-guide strength-demonssouls_50px dexterity-demonssouls_50px magic-demonssouls_50px faith-demonssouls_50px Special
Phosphorescent Pole 60 110 - 1MP / 4s C E D - -
Phosphorescent Pole+1 60 110 - 1MP / 3.5s C E D - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+2 60 110 - 1MP / 3s C E C - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+3 60 110 - 1MP / 2.5s C E B - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+4 60 110 - 1MP / 2s C E A - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+5 60 110 - 1MP / 1s C E S - Colorless Demon Soul



Normal  Halberd  ◆  Mirdan Hammer  ◆  War Scythe
Special  Phosphorescent Pole  ◆  Reaper Scythe (PS5)
Colorless Demon Soul Equipment
Weapons Baby's Nail  ◆  Kris Blade  ◆  Penetrating Sword  ◆  Rune Sword  ◆  Large Sword of Moonlight  ◆  Dragon Bone Smasher
Blind  ◆  Hiltless  ◆  Magic Sword "Makoto"  ◆  Epee Rapier  ◆  Geri's Stiletto  ◆  Bramd  ◆  Hands of God  ◆  Istarelle
Phosphorescent Pole  ◆  White Bow
Shields Rune Shield  ◆  Dark Silver Shield  ◆  Adjudicator's Shield  ◆  Large Brushwood Shield  ◆  Tower Shield

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    • Anonymous

      If anyone is doing a caster build and having trouble deciding between +5ing the Phosphorescent Pole or the Kris Blade on their first run, like I was, I reccommend upgrading the pole. The spell damage difference between Kris and Kris+5 isn't all that major, however the regen for the pole changes pretty dramatically. The pole also functions better as a melee weapon than the Kris Blade, but honestly they both are best as offhand. For your main weapon, get a Crescent Kilij. I run Pole + Kris in offhand, Crescent Kilij + Talisman of Beasts in main hand.

      The difference between which you upgrade is relatively minor, but I promise you that you'll feel more of the pole's upgrade passive than kris'. While it's true that MP regen items are cheap and plentiful, it's a bit of a hassle to constantly use them, and also takes valuable time mid-combat. The pole helps reduce this, and at/near max upgrade for Pole + Crescent Kilij, you'll recover the MP spent on Warding before it expires, making your melee capabilities not nearly as subject to attrition, and your build better in PvP as a result (which is where mages typically suffer most anyways).

      • Anonymous

        I tried to buff this weapon and I couldn't, was it because I used the buff of the light weapon? and how is magic not working?

        • Anonymous

          Does 322 damage at +5 with 50 Magic and 16 Str/Dex and 1mana/ sec regeneration.

          Moon Mirdan Hammer +5 is at 403 with 14 Str /12 Dex/ 50 Mag but without the mana regen.

          Crescent Kilij +5 at 14 Str/ 12Dex / 50 Mag is 380 plus 1 mana / 3 sec regeneration.

          Personally I use Kilij for PvE and Mirdan for PvP.

          • Anonymous

            Regen mana is good but damage is poor compared to crescent weapons like uchigatana...
            The S rank in magic does not make it even close.

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