60 icon_weight.png 0
0 40
critical.png 0 25 
Requirements & Bonus
16 16 12 -
C E D -
Weapon Type Polearm
Buffable No
Damage Type normal_50px

 Phosphorescent is a Polearm Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Polearms are capable of mowing down multiple targets with a single blow but require high Strength and Dexterity in order to be used. The Polearm is effective from mid to long-range and can execute sweeping and thrusting attacks.

A long rod inlaid with a blue jewel that emits phosphorescent light. Bladeless and lightweight, and due to a magical magical enhancement, it slowly regenerates the wielder's MP. One of Lord Rydell's most storied exploits is his theft of this weapon from the witch in the sky.

Location: Where to Find Phosphorescent


Pole Notes & Tips


Pole Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1 Alternate Slash
One-handed R2 Wide Sweep Slash
Two-handed R1 Thrust and Slash
Two-handed R2 Spin Slash
Running/Backstep attack Action and Slash
Rolling attack Action and Slash
Push Push
One-handed L1 Guard
One-handed L2 Thrust



Pole Upgrade Table 




Stat Bonuses


Name physical-attack-power-demonssouls_50px magic-attack-power-demonssouls_50px fire-attack-demonssouls_50px hp-mp-sta-recovery-demon-souls-remake-wiki-guide strength-demonssouls_50px dexterity-demonssouls_50px magic-demonssouls_50px faith-demonssouls_50px Special
Phosphorescent Pole 60 110 - 1MP / 4s C E D - -
Phosphorescent Pole+1 60 110 - 1MP / 3.5s C E D - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+2 60 110 - 1MP / 3s C E C - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+3 60 110 - 1MP / 2.5s C E B - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+4 60 110 - 1MP / 2s C E A - Colorless Demon Soul
Phosphorescent Pole+5 60 110 - 1MP / 1s C E S - Colorless Demon Soul



Normal  Halberd  ◆  Mirdan Hammer  ◆  War Scythe
Special  Phosphorescent Pole  ◆  Reaper Scythe (PS5)
Colorless Demon Soul Equipment
Weapons Baby's Nail  ◆  Kris Blade  ◆  Penetrating Sword  ◆  Rune Sword  ◆  Large Sword of Moonlight  ◆  Dragon Bone Smasher
Blind  ◆  Hiltless  ◆  Magic Sword "Makoto"  ◆  Epee Rapier  ◆  Geri's Stiletto  ◆  Bramd  ◆  Hands of God  ◆  Istarelle
Phosphorescent Pole  ◆  White Bow
Shields Rune Shield  ◆  Dark Silver Shield  ◆  Adjudicator's Shield  ◆  Large Brushwood Shield  ◆  Tower Shield

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    • Anonymous

      The Nexus is a flying temple. That ***** Rydell stole this from the Maiden in Black aka the Witch in the Sky.

      • Anonymous

        I've been waiting for From to make another strike damage polearm ever since this and they STILL haven't done it. I know you can't beat perfection but come on, at least try!

        • Anonymous

          I love and hate how committed Bluepoint was with the Remake, and here's an example of me hating it: The bug of 2 Phosphorescent Poles not stacking when at the same upgrade level is still in the game. Oh, you spent one of those precious Colorless Demon Souls to make your 2nd Phosphorescent Pole +5 so you can have even more MP regen? Too bad, you can only use one's regen at a time now!

          • Anonymous

            If anyone is doing a caster build and having trouble deciding between +5ing the Phosphorescent Pole or the Kris Blade on their first run, like I was, I reccommend upgrading the pole. The spell damage difference between Kris and Kris+5 isn't all that major, however the regen for the pole changes pretty dramatically. The pole also functions better as a melee weapon than the Kris Blade, but honestly they both are best as offhand. For your main weapon, get a Crescent Kilij. I run Pole + Kris in offhand, Crescent Kilij + Talisman of Beasts in main hand.

            The difference between which you upgrade is relatively minor, but I promise you that you'll feel more of the pole's upgrade passive than kris'. While it's true that MP regen items are cheap and plentiful, it's a bit of a hassle to constantly use them, and also takes valuable time mid-combat. The pole helps reduce this, and at/near max upgrade for Pole + Crescent Kilij, you'll recover the MP spent on Warding before it expires, making your melee capabilities not nearly as subject to attrition, and your build better in PvP as a result (which is where mages typically suffer most anyways).

            • Anonymous

              I tried to buff this weapon and I couldn't, was it because I used the buff of the light weapon? and how is magic not working?

              • Anonymous

                Does 322 damage at +5 with 50 Magic and 16 Str/Dex and 1mana/ sec regeneration.

                Moon Mirdan Hammer +5 is at 403 with 14 Str /12 Dex/ 50 Mag but without the mana regen.

                Crescent Kilij +5 at 14 Str/ 12Dex / 50 Mag is 380 plus 1 mana / 3 sec regeneration.

                Personally I use Kilij for PvE and Mirdan for PvP.

                • Anonymous

                  Regen mana is good but damage is poor compared to crescent weapons like uchigatana...
                  The S rank in magic does not make it even close.

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