Double-Winged Hawk Girl

General Info
Location Shrine of Storms
Drops ???
Health ???
Souls ???

Double-Winged Hawk Girl is a NPC in Demon's Souls.

To trade with the crow, simply

  • Drop an item on the ground near the tree. Listen carefully to what the crow says
  • If a desired item is dropped, the crow will acknowledge it happily. If it doesn't like it, just pick it back up.
  • If the crow likes the item, use the [Start] menu to load the current game, or return to the Nexus and come back later. The traded item will appear on the right side of the tree, ready to be picked up. If an undesired item is dropped, it will be lost if the player loads the game or leaves the World. Don't forget though, that loading the game will respawn the Crystal Lizards and reset the floor traps in the level.
  • The item(s) given by Sparkly will remain on the ground until picked up (even if the player visits the Nexus or other Worlds)
  • You cannot drop multiple items to be exchanged. If you drop say, a Soul Remain and an Augite of Guidance, only one will be exchanged and the other item dropped will be lost.
  • Also, each item can only be exchanged once per game
  • If you trade all possible items, the crow will stop talking when you approach



Shrine of Storms

  • In Shrine of Storms, at the highest point in the level, there is a tree with a large nest and a talking crow (also known as 'Double winged hawk girl') asking for "Sparkly, Twinkly" stuff. From the tower which leads to the lone skeleton archer and the Compound Long Bow, there is an exit which leads out to the cliff top towards the crow's tree.

Possible item trades

Soul Remains for White Arrow x10

Augite of Guidance for White Arrow x10

Shard of Mercurystone for Full Moon Grass x10

Chunk of Mercurystone for New Moon Grass x10

Pure Mercurystone for Dark Moon Grass x10

Shard of Moonlightstone for White Arrow x20

Chunk of Moonlightstone for White Arrow x40

Pure Moonlightstone for White Bow

Shard of Faintstone for Shard of Archstone x5

Chunk of Faintstone for Sticky White Stuff x10

Pure Faintstone for Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x3

Jade Hair Ornament for Regenerator's Ring

Brass Telescope for Fragrant Ring

Large Sword of Moonlight for Ring of Devout Prayer

Phosphorescent Pole for Ring of Magical Dullness

Silver Coronet for Storied Hero's Soul

Silver Bracelet for Storied Hero's Soul

Talisman of God for Colorless Demon's Soul

Gold Mask for Colorless Demon's Soul






  • When approaching
    • Caw, you scary!
      Give sparkly, me! Give twinkly, me!
      Me, caw, you, trade, trade!
      Give me. Sparkly-twinkly.
  • When trading item
      • Happy with item
    • Sparkly, happy, happy! Caw.
      • Unhappy with item
    • No sparkly! Caw. That not twinkly!
      • Already have item
    • Me have that.
      Give sparkly, me! Caw. Give twinkly, me!

After trade

  • Caw, caw, you, scary, caw.
    Sparkly, happy, happy! Caw.
    More trade? More trade?
    Give me. Sparkly-twinkly.
    Please, please. Give, caw, give!




  • ???



    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2020 16:15  

      so, first off, if you're going to reference the art book with the name, it would be good to put a scan of that in the page somewhere. and second, are we just assuming this is the double winged hawk cause there's nothing else in the game like it? because it seems more likely that the double winged hawk was a cut enemy, as it seems to have had the way it flies taken into account.

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