Sanctuary of the Lost  is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Beyond the swamp, filled with poisonous jellyfish and giant slugs is a cavern that absorbs all that is unclean, and a shrine of rotten trees erected in honor of a demon. Visitors offer souls to be freed from their notions of suffering. In this Sanctuary of the Lost Walkthrough, we will be providing guides to defeating the bosses in the area. The Sanctuary of the Lost can be found in the Valley of Defilement.



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Sanctuary of the Lost World Tendency Events

White World

Black Phantom Garl Vinland appears. Pure White World Tendency required.

Black World

No Black World events.


Full Sanctuary of the Lost Walkthrough

The Sanctuary of the Lost


The Sanctuary of the Lost or better known as World 5 - 3 in the original Demon's Souls can only be accessed after defeating the Dirty Colossus. You can travel here by interacting with the Archstone of the Chieftain in The Nexus. When you start at the archstone, turn back and head to your left, to find x1 Storied Soldier's Soul, at the edge of the putrid liquid. 

Head to the ramp that led you to the area, on your right there should be a body containing x1 Dark Moon Grass. Return to the archstone, this time go ahead into the hole, by using the ladder. Before using the second ladder, go right while hugging the right wall, to arrive at a patch of grass that contains x2 Widow's Lotus. Get down and keep going until you reach the fog door.


Go through it to watch the short cutscene. Once it's over, you are already in battle mode.  Go left and start killing the Depraved Ones. Right now, they are harmless but when you start attacking Maiden Astraea they will turn hostile. Turn right and go through the narrow corridor to spot a Crystal Lizard. Once you've dealt with the Lizard, take care of the five Depraved Ones.


When you reach ground-level you will see that the liquid part of the swamp is filled with Plague Babies, you can find x2 Late Moon Grass on the swamp. On a little wooden pier, there's x1 Legendary Hero's Soul - there's also x1 Pure Marrowstone, on a patch of grass.

Boss Battle: Maiden Astraea


Maiden Astraea, she is a tall, blonde lady who works to help the plague-stricken and disease affected inhabitants of the Valley of Defilement. When players find her, she is perched on a rock, blood, swamp water, and plague staining her skirt and helpless. Her bodyguard, Garl Vinland, is her only form of offense and defense. To learn more about this boss, you can check the Maiden Astraea page.


You can loot x1 Dark Silver Shield, x1 Dark Silver Helmet, x1 Dark Silver Leggings, x1 Dark Silver Manifer, x1 Dark Silver Armor from Garl Vinland. After the battle, touch the archstone to obtain x1 Pureblood Demon's Soul and x1 Ring of Sincere Prayer.




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Sanctuary of the Lost Trivia & Notes

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