Cat Ring

Effect Fatal falls remain lethal, but all other falling damage is nullified.

Cat Ring (or Cat's Ring) is a Ring in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeRings are accessories that are equipped by the player to obtain various abilities that grant buffs and effects which can help in the player's journey or certain situations.


A simple ring engraved with the seal of a cat. It decreases damage when falling from high places. However, if you fall from too high a perch, you will die in the usual way.


Cat Ring Location: Where to Find Cat Ring


Cat Ring Notes and Tips

  • The ring was originally called "Cat's Ring" but was renamed for the Remake of 2020
  • The original Status Effect for the ring was an actual picture of a real cat.



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    • Anonymous

      Playing this on PS3 and was feeling a little bummed out I wasn't playing the remaster as it seems mostly superior in every way. However, I am delighting in the fact that I get a literal cat pic next to my status bar.

      • Anonymous

        Any areas it’s actually useful in? I mean in 2-2 the mineshaft I guess but are there any drops that help you bypass an area normally that’s fatal?

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