Pure Bladestone

Pure Bladestone

Material Bladestone
Usage Used to upgrade equipment

Pure Bladestone is an upgrade item  in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUpgrade Materials are items that are used to strengthen the statistical value and to increase the effect of a certain piece of equipment.


Ore wet with dew. Enhances knives, curved swords, spears, and so on.

An ore used to make weapons that take skill to rend enemies. Weapons can be strengthened by Bladestones up to a maximum of level 5. Using bladestones to enhance a weapon can cause them to become brittle, so exercise caution.


Pure Bladestone Location: Where to Find Pure Bladestone


Pure Bladestone Compatible Equipments


Pure Bladestone Notes and Tips


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    • Anonymous

      06 Feb 2021 07:17  

      God, i've been farming for this **** like 2 hours and i'm starting to get alot of chunks. Oh, and also i'm playing with the ps3 version and it's the last trophy for me to get the platinum trophy

      • Anonymous

        21 Dec 2020 23:13  

        I had to kill the black skelleton behind 4-2 startpoint for about 60 times, in BWT, with 10 Luck, and the Ring for better dropchances.

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2020 23:34  

          I recommend farming the reaper for souls and then walking to the illusion gate to kill the black skeleton. It is much slower than other ways, but you should get about 11,000ish souls per run if you kill the ray thing on the way too.

          • Anonymous

            03 Dec 2020 17:54  

            I can confirm every black skeleton farm drops pure, chunks, and shards. Easiest farm if you're just looking for pure or chunks is adjudicator arch stone and go bakc up the steps - there is a black skeleton there. The second best method in my opinion since it's longer, but does yield a lot of souls per run is the black skeleton facing the cliff behind the illusory wall. I have gotten multiple pure from him within about 65 or so runs. I have gotten 4 just now within around the same amount at the top of the stairs from the archstone method. No providenial ring was used and I was in pure black tendency.

            • Anonymous

              02 Dec 2020 06:23  

              I can confirm that this drops from the Black Skeleton at the very end of 4-1. I just got two drops in a row after about an hour of farming. This would seem to me to be the most efficient way of farming- I wasn't even in pure black world tendency, and was actually just trying to farm shards and chunks. A run takes about 20-30 seconds if you can kill the skeleton quickly.

              • Anonymous

                28 Nov 2020 19:39  

                This is not rare in the remake in the way it was in the PS3 game. If you farm it in 4-2 pure black world tendency, there's a dual-katana skeleton behind the illusory wall in the stairwell by the first reaper. Pure black world tendency is key. Use the sky beasts and mokoto to get down below 30% hp, equip the morion blade and clever rat's ring, kill the reaper, then pelt him with arrows. Extremely good XP if you include the reaper and wear/cast xp boosting gear/spell.

                I had two pure bladestone within my first 10 kills. After farming for a bit, my storage has 68 shards, 3 chunks and 5 pure bladestones; the the numbers are off because I fully upgrade the uchigitana to sharp +5 (add 34 shards, 12 chunks and 1 pure), for a total of 102 shards, 15 chunks, and 6 pure bladestone. My luck is 7 and I don't wear the item discovery ring because it always drops something (item discovery doesn't effect what drops, just whether something drops, so you have more chances in the RNG game to get something good).

                • Anonymous

                  24 Nov 2020 05:59  

                  So are we all just doing the same farming method for the PS3 version? You would think they might give you a free one at least smh

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