Renowned Hero Soul

Usage Grants 1000 souls when used.
Weight 0.0

Renowned Hero Soul (or Renowned Hero's Soul) is a Soul in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Souls are consumable items categorized as remnants of fallen warriors, consuming souls collects a certain number of souls that is added to the player's stock. Souls are required for players to become stronger in the game by raising their soul level as well as buying and upgrading their equipment.


The echoes of a soul found on the corpse of a renowned hero. Consume to gain souls.
Go on, if left alone, it would only serve as feed for demons...





All Renowned Hero Soul Locations Guide


The Lord's Path


Smithing Grounds


The Tunnel City

  • Near one of the entrances to the lava-filled area.


Prison of Hope

Upper Latria

  • On the path leading to the right on the first circular platform at the beginning of the level.
  • Behind some breakable jars, outside the beating heart tower.
  • Under some breakable jars, on the second circular platform.
  • Under the staircase as you ascend to face the Maneater


Island's Edge

  • You can obtain one, on one of the lootable bodies before the fog door.
  • Inside the prison where you find Graverobber Blige, on the left side.
  • Before the first Gold Skeleton,  on the right path.


Depraved Chasm


Renowned Hero Soul Notes and Tips

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