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Stealth Throwing Dagger

Usage Throwing Weapon. Deals a small amount of damage.
Weight 0.2

Stealth Throwing Dagger (originally Secret Throwing Dagger) is a Projectile in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Projectiles are offensive items that are usually thrown at hostile characters such as enemies and bosses to inflict a small amount of damage.


A unique short katana altered for throwing. Throw it horizontally to attack. An unbelievably evil-looking weapon used by spies in service of the King.

Stealth Throwing Dagger Location: Where to Find Stealth Throwing Dagger


Stealth Throwing Dagger Notes and Tips

  • This item has no stat bonuses.
  • This item does not benefit from Hyper Mode.



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    • Anonymous

      "Ok, so I want a knife that looks like kunai, but is also a sickle, with a talon like raptor, and a blade on another end of the kunai. And I'll throw this entire device at enemies for stealth reasons." - every Imperial Spy.

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