Imperial Spy

Location Boletarian Palace
Enemy Type Close to mid-range agile enemy
Weakness All Damage types
Resistances ??

Imperial Spy is an Enemy in Demon's Souls. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls that can be useful for the player's adventure.


Combat Information

  • At medium range, he'll throw a Secret Throwing Dagger.
  • If the player is hiding behind a shield, he'll deliver a spin kick that breaks guard if you're using a shield with low Guard Break Reduction.
  • Close-range attacks are quick and will sometimes combo into a guard breaking kick.



  • Now, these enemies aren't your typical predictable enemies who you can dodge and score a quick combo before they react. The Imperial Spies can score a deadly combo on you before you can react. They use Daggers or some kind of super-powerful knife and can sometimes knock your head off with their feet.

  • Tower Knight Archstone
    You'll encounter the first one as you're descending a flight of stairs. You probably won't see him until you're halfway down. The best strategies is to quickly combo him before he can attack. A safer approach is to lure him back up the stairs and into the small courtyard where their ability to score critical hits is decreased.

    You'll encounter three more not too far ahead. After killing the Boletarian Soldier with the crossbow, you'll see a large flight of stairs with an alleyway leading left and 2 leading to your right. If you time it well and make a lot of noise, you can lure the first Imperial Spy out of the left alleyway, and most likely, the Boletarian Soldier at the top of the stairs will have pushed his flaming boulder down to crush you. If done correctly, the Imperial Spy killed.

    If you continue up the stairs, a second Imperial Spy will emerge from the right alleyway. Lure him back down into the courtyard where you should be able to kill him without too much difficulty.

    The third Imperial Spy is optional. If you run straight up the alleyway, you won't alert him, but if you take the last right turn into the alleyway, the Imperial Spy will jump down from the roof. Try not to get trapped in the passageway and deal with him as quickly as you can.

  • Penetrator Archstone
    As you ascend the tower with the two Red Eye Knights, you will be fired on by two crossbow soldiers. Run onto their platform and dispatch them. A Spy will land on the platform and proceed to attack you. If you can, it's best to kill him as he lands or he will likely be a nuisance as you busy yourself with the second Red Eye Knight further up the stairs.

    Special Note: Spies may temporarily turn invisible since they wear the Thief's Ring.


Item Drops



Notes & Trivia

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