Health 110
Damage Reduction
68 Magic Attack Reduction -
49 Fire Attack Reduction -
Location Tower of Latria
Enemy Type Basic Melee
Reward/s 3 Souls

Prisoner is an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


Prisoners are enemies in Demon's Souls, primarily residing within the Tower of Latria. Most are generally docile, although their tendency to swarm around the player and hamper mobility is problematic. They will also occasionally punch the player for minor physical damage.

A few, however, are armed and will attack the player on sight; knife-wielding prisoners attack with a charging stab that can inflict poison, but the two spear-wielders are merely hard to reach, being located behind iron bars. All varieties uncommonly drop shards of Mercurystone or Moonstone, or Royal or Widow's Lotus upon death.


Combat Information

  • They will punch you if ignored for too long
  • Some will slash with a Dagger, with a chance of poisoning
  • A large group can be a danger as an obstruction, especially if you're fleeing from a more dangerous enemy.



  • Remember these guys from Boletaria Palace? They're here too. And, they're somewhat sneakier this time around. The 'worshipers' will run up to you, blocking your path, and pretend to praise you, or perhaps they're begging for the release of death? The sneaky dagger-wielding guys like to hide in groups of 'worshipers' and stab you when you least expect it. Have your shield raised when you approach a large group and slaughter the lot of 'em.

  • Some dagger-wielding guys hide in an Iron Maiden ready to poison you. Whenever opening one, you should have your Royal Lotus selected just in case.

  • Then there are the ones enclosed in man-sized pots. They can't do anything unless you release them. If you'd like, switch your weapon to a 2-hand style and hit them with a strong attack. If you're lucky they'll drop some items.


Item Drops

Enemy Variety Item Type
Unarmed Worshippers Royal Lotus
Widow's Lotus
Shard of Moonlightstone (rare)
Chunk of Moonlightstone (pbwt) (Fool's Idol Archstone)
Estoc wielding Estoc (rare)
Shard of Mercurystone (rare)



Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      The unarmed ones actually never attack you directly, no matter how much you ignore them. They swing in the vicinity of breakable objects - vases, chairs, etc. But their aim is terrible and sometimes they accidentally hit you. Poor shmucks.

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