Great Club Black Phantom

Health 1104/1146 33/33
37/37 Plague 14/14
Location Armor Spider Archstone
Reward/s x3 Chunk of Dragonstone (Male)
x3 Chunk of Clearstone (Female)
x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (Both)

Great Club Black Phantom is a Black Phantom in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Black Phantoms are extremely powerful variants of Enemies or Npcs encountered throughout the game. They can also be another Online player who has invaded your world and attempts to kill you.


Great Club Black Phantom Location


Great Club Black Phantom Combat Information

  • Wields Great Club and Steel Shield
  • Wears the Shaman's Tabi Socks and Rogue's Boots
  • Their Steel Shields will block your melee attacks and can take a lot of hits, and their clubs can deal a high amount of damage.
  • They usually start out defensively with their shields out, but later will sometimes switch to two-handing their clubs.


Great Club Black Phantom Strategies

  • If you're having a lot of trouble with them, then you can wait for them to get rid of their shields, which makes the fight much easier. Magic works wonders since they have little defense against it, and it goes through their steel shields. If you have a Large Sword of Moonlight or a Blind, then those work very well too. Try to lure them out of the tunnel, as they will devastate you in close combat.


Great Club Black Phantom Drops.





Great Club Black Phantom Notes and Tips:

  • Notes and tips go here.
  • In the infobox you can see the stats of the Female version first and then the Male. For example, bleed resistance is 49 for female version and 57 for the male version.


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