Gold Skeleton

Health 347
Damage Reduction
71 Magic Attack Reduction 45
57 Fire Attack Reduction  65
Location Shrine of Storms
Enemy Type Undead
Reward/s 614 Souls

Gold Skeleton is an Enemy in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


They are visually distinct in that their bones are of a golden color and carry two-handed blades that are larger than the player. They attack with a moderately slow over-shoulder slash, a moderately fast, backhanded double uppercut, an impossible-to-parry short range blade slam, and a running overhead chop.

All of its attacks deal substantial slash damage. Care should be taken in engaging Gold Skeletons, as they only appear in the presence of other Gold Skeletons, Silver Skeletons, or Storm Beasts. Being made of gold, they are weaker than most Skeletons to magic damage.


Combat Information

  • Horizontal slashes.
  • Overhead chop.
  • 2-handed horizontal slashes.
  • 2-handed heavy overhead chop. Short wind-up.



  • These guys carry massive two-handed cleavers. While they are slower and don't roll around, they advance with the cleaver up to block 50% of incoming damage. Due to the size of their weapons, they aren't stunned by most attacks. They also dish out a lot of damage and use simple combos that can quickly kill you. Whenever possible, try to lure these guys out for a 1 on 1 fight. Trying to fight two at once can be extremely difficult.

  • Note that Sticky White Stuff makes your weapon extremely potent against any gold-armoured enemies. A blunt weapon with Sticky White Stuff on it (or Enchant Weapon) will make short work of these guys. Approach slowly and let him begin his massive swing at you. Dodge it, then smash him a couple of times. If possible get behind him for another hit. Alternatively, you can strike with a heavy attack just as he lets his guard down to attack you and then get in a single quick attack immediately after, then back away until he brings his guard back up and repeat.

  • They're actually really easy one to one if you have a weapon with knockdown and a decent shield with a high hit resistance. Simply let them strike your shield when doing their basic diagonal slashes and they'll rebound after one hit. Simply knock them down with a strike from your weapon, and follow up with another before they can get to their feet.

  • Ripostes and Backstabs aren't recommended. Timing is very difficult, and trying to get behind them is virtually impossible without Soul Remains, on account of their large horizontal attacks, and their only locations being near cliffsides, and/ or with a Golden Skeleton friend.

  • For magic users, Soul Arrow does good amount of damage (even in New Game+), but they are immune to Death Cloud.


Item Drop

Enemy Variety Item Drops
All Kilij (rare)
Soul Remains
Shard of Bladestone
Chunk of Bladestone (rare)


Notes & Trivia

  • Note and tips goes here...
  • This is the guy in the opening cinematic who shows up after the knight has been fighting the Slave Soldiers.



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    • Anonymous

      it seems like the red skeletons who wield the big swords in ng+ have infinite stamina. The problem is you have zero opportunity to roll, and you are forced to keep your shield up, and no time to put your shield down in order to roll. I think that the only real option is to parry, and to make sure to get behind them when they do the overhead attack that cannot be fully parried.

      • Anonymous

        Where to Get thier weapon?
        I saw someone use it and played through 6 playthroughs but still couldn't find it

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