Penetrator Archstone is a Location in Demon's Souls.



World Tendency Events

White World

  • No White World Events.

Black World

  • No Black World events.
  • Note: Biorr can be hostile, against the player, while he is fighting the dragon (it is not known if this is a feature or a bug). Pure Black World Tendency required


Full Penetrator Archtone Walkthrough

You start out this level at the Tower Knight Archstone archstone. As you move forward you will notice 3 archers just inside the next doorway. Two archers will be standing on what looks like a dead dragon. The third will be to the left of the dead dragon. You can either attack them with melee tactics, or shoot arrows at them from a distance. Just past the archers is a gecko. You can also shoot it with arrows to kill it, but don't get the loot just yet.

Off in the distance, at the far end of the room with the archers in it, is 3 Black Phantoms. One is a female archer, One is a sword wielder, and the last is a heavily armored Knight type. The archer and the sword wielder are relatively easy to take out. I used arrows, but you could easily tease them closer to you one at a time to kill them. Do not take them on all at once or you will die quickly. After you kill them they will not respawn. So if you die on the last Black Phantom, you will not have to fight all 3 again. Just be careful with the heavily armored Phantom. He is very hard to take down even for melee. He has large sheild that covers his whole body and he uses a spear so he doesn't have many openings to hit him. With a little patience it should not be a big problem.  Also with all 3 phantoms if you can get them to follow you back toward the Tower Knight archstone at one point they quit following and turn around.  This leaves their back open for quick and easy shots with magic or arrows.  If you stand in just the right spot they will repeat the advance and retreat without being able to land a melee strike (very affective on the heavily armored phantom).

When you have killed the 3 Black Phantoms, turn left to find a treasure (Ephemeral Eye). Then run straight to the other side to another alley-way. There is another gecko in here but he's hidden behind a breakable barracade. If you're quick you can kill it for its treasure. At the end of the alley there is a doorway to your left. Be careful when you enter because there is a Blue Eye's Knight on the right side waiting to ambush you. After you kill him you can climb up the stairs. As you climb there will be 2 archers and an assassin trying to kill you. A good bow should take care of the archers. The assassin might come down to greet you. If he does a few quick hits will take care of him.

When you get to the top of the stairs you can go through the doorway to a path that leads to a bridge with 2 Fat Ministers on it. When you step on the bridge the Blue Dragon will start blowing flames across the bridge. He will fry one of the Fat Ministers but the second one will have to be teased into coming out into the bridge more so the dragon can kill him too. Be careful not to venture to far out into the bridge or you will get burned too. When the 2 Ministers are dead you have 2 options here. You can either shoot the Blue Dragon with arrows from this doorway, try to run to the other side of the bridge. If you choose to shoot the Dragon it will take a lot of arrows to get him to about half health. When his health is halved he will fly to the next section.

If you choose to run then just equip flame resistance ring and the Purple Flame Shield helps too. And maybe water veil. After you make it to the other side the Dragon will fly off to the next section of the level, the main stairway.

At the next doorway you might find another gecko. If you do take him out before you proceed. When you do continue you exit a room to another area of the outer courtyard of the castle. There is a set of stairs and the Blue Dragon is sitting on top of a perch above the next doorway which is your next goal. You need to get through that doorway under the Blue Dragon. This is where you have another 2 options to decide on your next path.

If you choose to kill the Dragon you can either sit at the bottom of the stairs, out of the Dragons reach and start shooting arrows at him again. This will take quite a while because you don't do much damage from this distance. A quicker way to kill him (but more risky) is to run up the stairs to get right under the Dragon and target his head and shoot. This way he gets hurt more and he dies quicker. If you rescued Biorr he will be at the bottom of the stairs distracting the Dragon for you. If your arrows are strong enough you will kill the Dragon before Biorr dies. Otherwise he gets toasted. If he does don't forget to pick up his armor before you go further. The dragon should die with about 75-100 more arrows.

After the Dragon is dead you can pick up the loot that was on the stairs, and Biorr's armor and continue through the next door.Now be carful here,equip the ring that gies you less magic power but more magic defense because whether you killed Ostrava or not he comes as a black phantom to kill you.He is extremley easy so you shouldnt have a  problem.Now go up to the door. This door is actually an elevator. Just hit the switch in front of you and the elevator goes straight up to the final fog. When the doors open you can enter the fog.

When you first enter there will be a cutscene. Then Allant will start walking toward you. If you don't move at this point he eventually stops and turns and faces away from you. This gives you an opportunity to do several things. You can buff up, and get ready to do some serious backstabbing. Or you can use several spells to weaken him. If you choose to melee you have to do a lot of dodging and make sure he doesn't get close to you. He has several attacks that can kill you in 1-2 hits. He also has soulsucker that takes one point away from your stats.

When you're done with this boss fight you can touch the archstone to get the boss soul and go back to the nexus.



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Penetrator Archstone Map

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