Giant Tick

Enemy Type Range Enemy
Weakness All damage types
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Giant Tick is an Enemy in Demon's Souls.


Giant Tick Description

These repulsive ticks gorge themselves on the blood of the dead or dying in the valley of defilement, causing them to swell up to enormous sizes while feeding. They are essentially obstacles to the player, as their bloated bodies will get in the way. It is in the player's best interests to take them out with ranged attacks as any damage to them will cause their blood filled stomachs to burst, and splatter the player with blood that will inflict poison. This is their only form of attack and they will become harmless after bursting, hopping around on the ground.


Combat Information

  • Their only real attack is the chance of poisoning if you puncture their sack. When they start to hop, they are harmless.


Notes & Trivia

  • ??


  • Hit them from a short distance away with a long weapon or ranged attack and pop their sack, they shrink in size and feebly try to hop away from you. Take them down and collect your prize.

Item Drop

Enemy Variety
Item Drops
All Shard of Marrowstone (Pulpstone)
Chunk of Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (rare)
Pure Marrowstone (Pulpstone) (very rare)

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