Garl Vinland
(Black Phantom)

Health 2808 412
367 Plague 102
Location Dirty Colossus Archstone
Reward/s x1 Bramd
x1 Crest of Vinland
x22800 Souls

Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) is a Black Phantom in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Black Phantoms are extremely powerful variants of Enemies or Npcs encountered throughout the game. They can also be another Online player who has invaded your world and attempts to kill you.


Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) Location

  • Garl Vinland appears as a Black Phantom, as part of the side quest from his sister, Selen Vinland. He will appear regardless of whether you've already spoken to his sister.
  • When you first enter, he will not be there in Black Phantom form. Don't be alarmed; this is intended. Kill regular Garl Vinland and Maiden Astraea as you normally would, return to The Nexus and then go back to the Dirty Colossus Archstone.


Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) Combat Information

  • Garl Vinland has a few tricks up his sleeves, like healing spells and God's Wrath, but you can interrupt it all since he casts spells very slowly. When he changes weapons to use a Talisman, you can attack him aggressively, but after 1 to 3 hits he will change back to Bramd and try to parry.


Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) Strategies

  • The easiest (and cheapest) way to defeat Black Phantom Garl Vinland is to approach him at his spawning point on the left cliff, and cast the Poison Cloud spell (Death Cloud will work if you can get him to lower his guard while he is in the cloud) from just within lock-on range (he won't attack unless you get close enough for him to hit you).

  • As with any boss or Black Phantom susceptible to poison, you'll have to cast the spell several times (905 damage points per casting, at 5 points per second). As his hit points get low (somewhere around 25%), he'll attempt to cast healing spells. When he does, he lets down his guard and his motions are very slow, so you can hit him with an arrow or bolt from point-blank range and interrupt the spell. Stay locked onto him and shoot him each time he attempts to cast the spell. Meanwhile, the poison and your shots are slowly killing him.

  • Repeat until he dies, and you'll never get hit. This method does not work on Garl when he is alive, in regular body form (during the Maiden Astraea battle). 


Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) Drops


Garl Vinland (Black Phantom) Notes and Tips:

  • Notes and tips go here.
  • For the NPC, please refer to Garl Vinland


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