Black Eye Stone

Black Eye Stone

Usage Allows players in Soul form to invade other worlds as a Black Phantom
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Black Eye Stone is an Eye Stone in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeEye Stones are consumable items that are used for multi-player situations. These can be used from the consumables inventory or if it is equipped to you quick use slots.


An eye stone you stole from a Black Phantom. Proof of a corrupted human. When you die and enter Soul form, use this item to invade another world. (This can only be used in Soul form.) When you enter another world, you become a Black Phantom. If you can defeat the warrior in that world, you will resurrect with your body.


Black Eye Stone Location: Where to Find Black Eye Stone


Black Eye Stone Notes and Tips

  • To use the stone, players must be in soul form and in an area that allows Black Eye Stone.
  • Needs to be at the same level range in order to be summoned.
  • Black Eye Stone allows the player to invade a random host for PvP.
  • This particular Eye Stone allows the player to invade another player's game world as a Black Phantom. If you kill the other player, you will regain your body in your own world. There is no longer a soul level penalty for falling off a cliff or dying from environmental damage, provided you are playing on a patched version of the game.
  • The Black Eye Stone does not have any effects on the World Tendency of the person using it, regardless of the outcome when invading.
  • The Black Eye Stone, unlike the other Eye Stones, uses two different formulae to find the highest and lowest levels of its range. At the highest, an invader still has to be 2 levels lower than the host. This means that a level 100 host can be invaded by levels 78 through 98. On the other hand, at the lowes levelst, a host can be invaded by someone who is -(12 + 10% of their level). 
  • You can use Summon Range Calculator to determine if players can connect with each other in Online play.




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    • Anonymous

      31 Jan 2021 05:40  

      I hate the fact invades can ruin someone's trophy run. This is the last trophy I need for platinum. If someone is willing to help me I would be very grateful. I am soul level 123 and can offer any rings in return. PSN ID Jonah_Heston

      • Anonymous

        14 Jan 2021 21:22  

        I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to make a specific low-level build to invade with only to find out that the black phantoms in 2-2 dropped the stone down the shaft... guess I’m going to have to brave through into NG+...

        • Anonymous

          15 Nov 2020 00:09  

          Its not just dropped by Baby Nail NPC its dropped by the FIRST Black Phanton NPC you kill. Can verify via NPCs in world 2-2 with the two Black Phantoms in the tunnels.

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