Black Eye Stone

Usage Allows players in Soul form to invade other worlds as a Black Phantom
Weight 0.0

Black Eye Stone is a Eye Stone in Demon's Souls


An eye stone you stole from a Black Phantom. Proof of a corrupted human. When you die and enter Soul form, use this item to invade another world. (This can only be used in Soul form.) When you enter another world, you become a Black Phantom. If you can defeat the warrior in that world, you will resurrect with your body.


Notes and Tips:

  • To use the stone, players must be in soul form and in an area that allows Black Eye Stone.
  • Needs to be at the same level range in order to be summoned.


  • Eyed stones were likely once derived from Behelits, eyed stones which serve as bridges between worlds Behelit - Berserk.


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