Northern Regalia

135 plague_25px.jpg 0
0 magic_defense-shield-icon.jpg 6.5
Requirements & Bonus
20 14 12 12
- - - -
Weapon Type Large Sword
Buffable No
Damage Type Normal

Northern Regalia is Large Sword Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeLarge Swords are usually held with both hands and are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage towards hostile characters but are slow, making the player vulnerable to fast enemy attacks.


Old symbol of the King of Boletaria. The shape of this blade unites both Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt as one.

Even Boletarian Royal Family legend scarcely mentions its origins, but it is believed that a malicious force left it behind in this world, along with the Old One.


Northern Regalia Location: Where to Find Northern Regalia

It must be created by having both of the following:



Northern Regalia Notes and Tips

  • A powerful weapon due to its non stat based power, attain Pure Black or Pure White Character Tendency and the sword will have a 540 Attack Rating.
  • A great weapon for Vitality builds.
  • Damage bonus increase with both White and Black Character Tendency

Northern Regalia Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1  Horizontal cuts
One-handed R2  Downward chop
Two-handed R1  Horizontal cuts
Two-handed R2  Downward chop
Running/Backstep attack  Charging chop
Rolling attack  Low sweeping attack
Push  Quick push
One-handed L1  Block
One-handed L2  Horizontal cut




Northern Regalia General Information



Stat Bonus

Total Requirements

Name icon-wp_physicalAttack.png icon-magicbonus.png icon-firebonus.png Dexterity Bonus Faith Bonus Shard L Shard Chunk Pure Special
Northern Regalia 135 135 0 - - - - - - - - consumes False King's Demon's Soul + Demonbrandt + Soulbrandt


Character Tendency affect on Northern Regalia Attack Bonus:

  Pure black -4 -3 -2 -1 Neutral +1 +2 +3 +4 Pure White
+PhyAtk 135 108 81 54 27 0 27 54 81 108 135
+MagAtk 135 108 81 54 27 0 27 54 81 108 135



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    • Anonymous

      Problem: my Northern Regalia has +0 bonus physical and magical damage at pure white world tendency, only has the basic 135 + 135. Tested at the first castle and the in the mine, both PWWT, both 0 bonus. My status all meet the requirements. Can someone explain to me what went wrong?

      • Anonymous

        This weapon not bouncing on shields is a lie, I used it against red eyed knight and it bounced against their shield.

        • Anonymous

          So is white character tendency better or black character tendency better with this weapon?

          Does one do more damage or are both equal in damage?

          • Anonymous

            This thing slaps. I’m having a fantastic time in new game plus with it but I’m on the PS3 version in pure black character tendency so I’m delaying the black phantom hunt until the end because it’ll bring me to neutral with no attack rating then in the following playthrough I’ll reach pure white and be able to use it again.

            • Anonymous

              This thing has higher AR at pure white/black character tendency than the meat cleaver does at 99/99/99 strength dexterity and faith ... Holy

              • Anonymous

                PKCS is so much better than this cancer weapon

                (sereusly imagine if that moron just came here and commented this lmao)

                • Anonymous

                  Kinda wished only Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt existed and both with the exact same AR (SB has a little higher) because they’re a perfect clash between good and evil and combined with the ally and foes rings it gives summons and invaders more personality unlike the other games but the Northern Regalia just outclasses both swords so they really only exist to forge it and move on

                  • This weapon one-shots in low level (around 20) invasions. Just slap on the foe's ring at PBCT with 14 str and dex and 12 fth and mag, put the rest into health. Then a single strong attack will kill almost any host and every phantom.

                    • Anonymous

                      Northern Regalia two-handed, pure white CT, with < 30% HP, Morion Blade on the back, Clever Rat's Ring equipped and the miracle Second Chance always activated. It's fun for the whole family:)

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