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Filthy Man

Health 350 magic defense demonssouls 25px 160
normaldefense 25px 350 fire demonssouls 25px 133
bluntdefense 25px
350 bleeding 25px 100
slashdefense 25px 350 poison 25px 100
piercedefense 25px 350 plague 25px 100
Location Stonefang Tunnel
Armor Spider Archstone
Drops 13 Souls


Filthy Man is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


The Filthy Man is a merchant who sell items that provide restoring properties, as well as basic materials used for upgrading the player's equipment.


Filthy Man Information


Filthy Man Location: Where to Find Filthy Man


Filthy Man Merchant's Inventory

Items that are added when you reach the Armor Spider Archstone:



Filthy Man Dialogue

First encounter (Stonefang Tunnel)

  • Heh heh heh, Hello there! Souls, souls! I trade fine goods for souls!
  • Our little town? Well, heh heh… It's a nice wee place. All those lizard-eyed townsfolk are busy tinkering with stone, and don't bother with old men like meself.  akes life rather easy for me. I can get away with anything! Heh heh heh heh.
    Thank you, Lord, for this golden opportunity! Heh heh heh.
  • Have you heard about that sparkling lizard? He's not easy to catch, but he's got some fine stones. And I know where his nest is! Oh, I'm sorry, I can't give it away! Heh heh heh heh!

Second encounter (Armor Spider Archstone)

  • Heh heh heh, remember me? I've got plenty o' wares, so bring me plenty o' souls!
  • Heh heh heh, have you heard? Deep below this mine, there's a dragon shrine filled with dragon bones. Well, according to little Scirvir, anyway. I'm not about to go and find out. Those bearbugs scare the living daylights out of me!

When approaching again:

  • Heh heh heh, hello. Here to make a deal?



Leaving without buying:

  • Yer want to play, well, you've got to pay. Don't you agree?
  • Heh heh heh… Well all right then. Come back when you actually need sometihing!

Leaving after buying:

  • Heh heh, hello there. Bless yer souls!

Leaving abruptly and returning

  • Where're yer running off to?
  • Heh heh heh, stop with yer messing!

When attacked

  • What do you think you are doin? You can't get around me easy, so watch yourself!


Filthy Man Merchant's Inventory Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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