Health 638 107
138 130
138 Bleeding 109
138 Poison 212
138 Plague 79
Location Shrine of Storms
Drops 165 Souls

Satsuki is an NPC in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. NPCs are the various characters that are encountered by the player throughout their journey. NPCs provide information, others are quest givers, while some are categorized as Merchants and/or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Satsuki (a.k.a. Master Satsuki) is a mysterious man encountered in the Shrine of Storms whose primary goal is to find the legendary katana known as the Magic Sword "Makoto", named after a giant in a distant country.

His demeanor is that of one who cannot be trusted, and if given the blade he so desires, his intention may not be to let the player leave his sight alive. Little else is known about him.


Satsuki Information

Pure White world tendency:

  • He appears alive at the start of Shrine of Storms, standing on the ground, to the right of the Silver Skeleton and the archway.
  • He asks you to find the Magic Sword "Makoto", which he claims belongs to his family.
  • He will use Moon Grass to heal himself if his health gets low, usually anywhere below 50%.
  • If you agree to show the Magic Sword "Makoto" to him, he attacks you with it, then drops it when killed.
  • If you don't agree to show the Magic Sword "Makoto" to him, he attacks you with the intent to take it from you, and drops nothing when killed.
  • If you are wielding the Magic Sword "Makoto" when you speak to him, he'll immediately attack you without asking you to hand it over.
  • When he's killed, world tendency shifts by -3.

Pure Black world tendency:

  • He appears as a Black Phantom at the start of Shrine of Storms, standing on the ground, to the right of the Silver Skeleton and the archway.
  • Unless you are wearing the Thief's ring, Graverobber's Ring, and/or using the Hidden Soul miracle, he will immediately see you and charge you.
  • He will use Moon Grass to heal himself if his health gets low, usually anywhere below 50%.
  • He drops the Hiltless sword when killed.
  • When he's killed, world tendency shifts by +3.

All other world tendencies:

  • He appears alive at the start of Shrine of Storms, standing on top of the wall, above the archway.
  • He can be shot with arrows from this location, but once hit, he moves to a position of safety. He disappears from the game until you next enter the area from the The Nexus. You can see this from shooting at him from the other side of the wall.
  • During Pure White World Tendency, Satsuki will not attack you if you are not carrying the Magic Sword "Makoto" when you talk to him. It doesn't matter whether you've already obtained the sword during the current game, or whether he's already spoken to you about it. After obtaining the the Magic Sword "Makoto" in Adjudicator Archstone, if you let Stockpile Thomas keep it for you, Satsuki won't realize that the sword has been found.
  • In the "Official Guide" included with the Deluxe Edition of the North American version, he is referred to as "Master Satsuki," but this reference does not appear in the N.A. game itself.


Satsuki Location: Where to Find Satsuki

  • Can be found at the structure right in front of the Shrine of Storms Archstone. In Pure White World Tendency, Satsuki appears in living body form and asks you to help him look for the Magic Sword "Makote". Once you've found it, Satsuki will ask you to give it to him. If you do that, he will use Makoto to attack you. If you then kill him, you get the Magic Sword "Makoto" back. If you decided not to give it to him, he will get angry and also attack you. There is really no reason to get into a fight with him. If you want to avoid the fight, don't bring Makoto with you when you are in his area. In Pure Black World Tendency, Satsuki appears as a Black Phantom.


Satsuki Strategy

Body Form Satsuki Strategies

  • Much easier to defeat than his Black Phantom counterpart, Satsuki in body form will not attack the player until the player talks to Satsuki and settles with a much lower HP. This will allow you prepare any pre-emptive buffs or simply ignore him altogether. If you do choose to engage Satsuki, be aware that he is agile and quickly attacks with a katana which also leaves him more susceptible to stagger opportunities when his attacks are blocked with a shield, use this to your advantage.

Melee Strategy - Using the Environment

  • This method is most effective when using a weapon with a solid stunlock capability and a pre-emptive buff applied. Upon turning hostile, Satsuki's most common first move is to roll away from the player which naturally leaves him cornered. Using your weapon of choice, keep attacking Satsuki and push if necessary to keep him trapped in the corner as you chip away at his health. If done correctly, Satsuki will remain in a constant stun phase and will not be able to counter the player.


  • Satsuki is not initially hostile upon seeing the player-he only turns hostile after he asks about the Makoto Sword. For an easy win, simply enhance your magic power to its maximum and cast Firestorm next to him. The area around him will cause him to remain in the centre of the Firestorm which will quickly kill him, this shouldn't take more than one cast.

Black Phantom Satsuki Strategies

  • Satsuki as a Black Phantom will attack the player upon entering the level, leaving little opportunity to preemptively buff. It is possible to cast Second Chance/Warding and a weapon buff if you're quick enough.
  • Additionally, it is a good idea to stay near the start of the level or the Silver Skeleton will join the party. This results in a difficult situation if the Skeleton is not quickly defeated.
  • Satsuki has the nasty habit of evading numerous attacks and fully healing with a herb. As his HP becomes lower (around 30% or below), it is advisable to have enough Stamina to finish him.

Melee Strategies

Turtle with Large Axe/Hammer

  • Immediately after entering Shrine of Storms, cast either Cursed Weapon or Light Weapon and Second Chance, if you have enough time. Satsuki's katana strikes are very quick which can make it difficult to mount an offensive, however his katana is not very effective at breaking a shield guard and his attacks will often repel leaving him briefly staggered.
  • Simply retreat after he begins to advance and block his first strike. Position yourself so that your one handed R1 swing will cause him to be knocked back towards the Archstone. After knocking him down, quickly approach him while two handing your weapon and attack him as soon as he is back on his feet. The third R1 swing will knock him back, allowing you to repeat this strategy, or attempt a backstab. You should have no interruptions from the Skeleton or suffer a hit from Satsuki.


  • Enter Shrine of Storms with Graverobber's Ring equipped. Edge forward until the Skeleton pops up and snipe him, then retreat and finish him off. Approach/shoot Satsuki until he charges and throw Soul Remains at him, sneak up and back stab if possible. Otherwise just get in a good 2-handed attack. From here you can pound him with more two handed attacks without having to wait till he gets up and these will reset the 'getting back to his feet' animation.
  • Always keep some Stamina in the event you need to block. If hit while blocking it will take about half of your life. Distract with Soul Remains if you need to heal. Circling works well to dodge his attack. Don't stop until his strike is finished or you will get stabbed, smash him with R2. Tested repeatedly using Meat Cleaver, no shield, Cling Ring.


  • Using a reflecting shield and any dagger keep circling him counterclockwise (run, don't roll). Raise your shield when he attacks. After being blocked or one of his hard, slow attacks, you should be able to backstab him. Now while he's standing up keep circling counterclockwise and just backstab him again. If the backstab animation doesn't come, don't keep attacking but reposition yourself slightly before the next strike.
    You can either repeat this until he dies, but most likely a wall will get in the way. Then just start again as before, but be ready to charge attack him when he tries to heal.

Dragon Bone Smasher

  • Simply unequip all armor and equip the Dragon Bone Smasher and two hand it. This can be a little tricky as the first hit may take a couple tries to land. R1 him as he runs at you, or dodge his first attack and do an R1 attack. This will knock him down and then you can simply chain attack him right as hes about to get up until he dies.

Magic Strategies

Soul Remains/Fireball

  • If you bring Soul Remains, this battle will go a lot easier. Equip the Graverobber's Ring and Thief's Ring before entering the level so that Satsuki will not rush you. Move just far enough to see the Skeleton stand up. From here, move back and target the Skeleton with a ranged bow attack. Once hit, he will come at you. Dispatch the Skeleton however you like. As long as you are far enough back, Satsuki will not charge you.
  • Once the Skeleton is gone, unequip the Thief's Ring and equip the Ring of Magical Sharpness. Have the following items hot-keyed for your square button: Old Spice and Soul Remains
  • Move close enough where Satsuki starts to charge you. Throw some Soul Remains at him. He will start chopping at the air and ignore you. Make sure he is close enough to target with R3 and throw about 3-4 fireballs. He will start moving toward you, but throw another Soul Remains. Again, he will chop the air and ignore you - while he is doing this, eat some Old Spice to fully recharge your MP. Repeat this process until he dies. As long as you keep throwing the Soul Remains, it should distract him from using grass to heal himself.


Soulsucker+Second Chance

  • Approach him from Shrine of Storms archstone, with Thief's Ring equipped. As soon as you spawn, cast Second Chance, take a few steps froward, wait till he spots you, and after a little while cast Soulsucker.
    This method might take a little while to finally succeed, but it will result in instantly killing him.
    The reason you need Second Chance is that he will hit you when you soul suck him (this may not be needed on later playthroughs, with a lot more Vit on your hand, but on Ng+ it's necessary).

High Magic Strategy

Poison Cloud Strategy

  • Since Satsuki spots you with a certain facility if you face him directly, you will need to return from Adjudicator Archstone to kill him without being noticed. Once you make your way back to Satsuki's spot, equip Thief's Ring and kill the Skeleton with a bow, equip Graverobber's Ring, walk carefully to approach him from behind and cast Poison Cloud. Two poison clouds should be enough to kill him.
    Tip: The spot right after a boulder will be close enough for the poison cloud to hit him.


Satsuki Dialogue

When approached (pwwt)

  • Hey, you over there!
    you seem to have your head about you.
    Come here. I have a proposal for you.
    Do not be afraid. You have much to gain.

First encounter

  • I am Satsuki, I seek a keepsake of my father.
    Have you seen the sword inscribed "Makoto"?
    I will offer you Demon souls if you can help me find it.
  • The Makoto chooses its owner, but he who harbors self-delusions should at once be warned.
    The Makoto is no sword for the faint of heart

Second encounter (with Makoto)

  • Ah, you have found the Makoto, have you?
    Bless your good fortune. And, well, your good work.
    Now, just hand the Makoto over to me. ( yes / no )


  • What on earth is wrong with you?
    How dare you waste my precious time!?
    Do you not want Demon souls? ( yes / no )
  • No:
  • Fine, have it your way. A duel will settle this.
  • Yes:
  • (same response as below)


  • Yes, yes, this is she.
    This luster… It's finally mine! Keh heh heh heh.
    Except… could this sword really be as deadly as the rumors claim?
    There is only one way to find out!

Second encounter (wielding Makoto)

  • Hmm, expecting the Makoto to warm up to you?
    Nonsense. Your very touch soils her impeccable hilt.
    May you plunge to the depths of hell for your unsavory insolence!

If attacked

  • How dare you? You shall pay in blood!

If player is killed (Satsuki wielding Makoto)

  • The Makoto lives up to its name.
    Its blade shines with an unworldly perfection.


Satsuki Notes, Tips, andTrivia

  • Note and tips goes here...
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      So many people crying that this guy turns and kills them. It's a cursed sword. Don't give it, he kills you to take it. Give it him, he's cursed and kills you.

      • Anonymous

        easiest way for me to kill him, after dying like 20 times, was to use soul remains.

        first use a bow to snipe the skeleton with him. then get within agro range (i was using a graverobbers ring). dodge his initial two attacks, throw a soul remains at him. he'll ignore you and begin attacking it. at this point i poison clouded him (probably not needed), then threw another soul remains at him. after that, i would go up and 2 hand him 2-3x (i was using an estoc +9). rinse and repeat until he's dead.

        • Anonymous

          This guy is a pain in the a** as a black phantom, so I'm just putting my strategy here in case it helps anyone.
          Fisrt off, i went into the level with Ring of magical Sharpness and Graverobbers Ring. You can walk forward just enough to make the skeleton stand up, shoot him with an arrow and make him come to you. After the skeleton is dead I switched out the Graverobbers ring with Eternal Warrior's ring(for stamina regen). Satsuki will come after you a few seconds after you take off the Graverobber's Ring. I used a Kite Shield+9 so he couldn't break my gaurd. I didn't get hit once. With an Estoc+5 I could hit him with my shield up, I just had to keep an eye on my stamina. So with this method I could get him down to 30% health no problem. At first I tried finishing him off with the Estoc but in the few seconds I needed to regen my stamina, he healed right in front of me. So my next approach was to lure him over to the Archstone, once he was close to 30% health, so I could back him into a corner and start spamming him with fireball until he was dead. I had 35 Intelligence, 56 Magic, the Ring of Magical Sharpness and the Silver Coronet. I did miss him about 3 times and had a very small amount of MP left when I was done, so it could be done with a little less INT or Magic. Good luck

          • Anonymous

            Should be added:
            If you show him (equip and talk to him) the sword before he asked for the sword first, you'll not get the trophy. He'll just attack you and you have to play another game to encounter him again.

            • Anonymous

              **** this dude. I was trying to get all the ceramic coins by NG+ and while looking at achievements i gave the sword to this dude and afterwards killed him by accident because of how weak he is, only to then realize that i lost my pure white world tendency and now i won't be able to get the ceramic coin, honestly one of the dumbest characters i've ever seen and i don't even know why do you lose world tendency for killing this idiot, he's the one who attacks you so it makes no sense. it's not that big of a deal but it was just a waste of time knowing i won't be able to get this ceramic coin because of this useless character

              • Anonymous

                I just died when fighting him as a black phantom and he died at the same time and after respawning he was gone and the sword lay at his spawn point. But the tendency did not shift to neutral and the monumental does not give me the ring now even through I already defeated all other phantoms...

                • Anonymous

                  Met Satsuki in the remake today and I gotta say, this guy has the best character redesign in the whole game.

                  • Anonymous

                    What an idiot. Finally obtains a precious weapon he desired and immediately attacks the retriever without even thinking something like hmm ya know maybe this random literal demon slayer who was able to beat the odds and make it this far might be a threat if I turn on them.

                    • Anonymous

                      Fought him in pure black world, didn't know who he was but i killed him anyway. Can i still met him in Pure White ?

                      • Anonymous

                        World Tendency shifting from defending yourself against this guy has to be a bug that will probably never be patched.

                        • Anonymous

                          I’m in PBWT and satsuki isn’t showing up. I know I’m in pure black because the red skeletons are showing up. Did I need to give him the sword in PWWT to have him appear?

                          • Anonymous

                            Your souls remains strat doesn't work he swings once rushes and you.......Probably didn't even test it.....

                            • Anonymous

                              That *******! It shouldn't move the world tendency -3 if you kill this prick! No matter what you do, he attacks. What a piece of s**t

                              • Anonymous

                                I have PWWT (100% sure) and he won't come down from the ledge, and the mound containing the sword in 4-2 won't disappear. Do you need to initiate this side quest before killing Storm King?

                                • Anonymous

                                  uh yeah....I went and got makoto and walked up to satsuki with it in hand, thinking I was about to get my trophy. Don't be me.

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