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Blueblood Sword

physical attack power demonssouls 25px
100 plague 25px 0
magic attack power demonssouls 25px
critical strike 25px
fire attack demonssouls 25px
durability 25px
bleeding 25px
0 weight demonssouls 25px 5.0
poison 25px
damage reduction demonssouls 25px
guard break reduction 25px
Requirements & Bonus
strength demonssouls 25px
dexterity demonssouls 25px
magic demonssouls 25px
faith demonssouls 25px
18 18 18 18
D - E E
Weapon Type Straight Swords
Buffable Yes
Damage Type Normal, Piercing

Blueblood Sword is a Straight Sword Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake.


A white iron straight sword born from the soul of the demon Maiden Astraea. The sword of true nobility, endowed with the essential power humans are born with, which increases its attack power.

Blueblood Sword Location: Where to Find Blueblood Sword

Blueblood Sword Notes and Tips

  • Damage bonus of 1-4 per point from the Luck stat.
  • While most weapon scaling drops off rather sharply in efficiency at 30 and 50, Luck scaling for this weapon drops off more gradually but most steeply up to 20.
  • Luck scales much better in the 51-99 range for this weapon than any stat in the 51-99 range for any other weapon.
  • Has potential to hit harder than other weapons of similar size and speed, especially ones that are buffable. At 99 stats it does 490 damage (245 physical + 245 magical), whereas Knight Sword does up to 348 / 405 (buffable / unbuffable), and Uchigatana does up to 388 / 449.
  • With 18 Strength, 18 Dexterity, 30 Magic, 18 Faith, 20 Luck, you do 325 damage (164 physical + 161 magical), plus 243 with Light Weapon using Insanity Catalyst.
  • Luck has a special non-additive scaling that synergizes with the other stats, whereas the other scalings add with each other in the normal way. For example, if increasing Strength by a certain amount would add X damage and increasing Magic would add Y damage, then increasing both would add Z=X+Y damage, but for Strength and Luck, Z would be greater than X+Y.
    • At 18 Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Faith and 7 Luck, you do 272 damage.
    • Leveling each stat to 99 adds: +19 for Strength, +10 for Magic, +9 for Faith, and +157 for Luck.
    • Leveling both Strength and Luck to 99 adds another +11, Magic and Luck adds another +6, and Faith and Luck adds another +6.
    • In other words, Strength, Magic and Faith scaling are all stronger the more Luck you have, and Luck scaling is stronger the more Strength, Magic and Faith you have.
  • Assuming you use Light Weapon with Insanity Catalyst, after you fulfill the level requirements it is best to level your Magic to 30.
    • Leveling Magic from 18 to 30 adds 52.5 to 55 damage per 10 points.
    • Leveling Magic from 30 to 50 adds 16.5 to 17.5 damage per 10 points.
    • At 30 Magic, from 9 to 99 Luck, every 10 points yields: 31, 22, 19, 16, 15, 15, 12, 12, 11.
    • Leveling Strength from 18 to 30 adds up to 12.5 damage per 10 points.
    • While two-handing, which effectively multiplies your Strength by 1.5, leveling Strength from 20 to 30 (or 30 to 45 one-handed) adds up to 6 damage.

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Blueblood Sword Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1 Horizontal cuts
One-handed R2 Thrust plus additional vertical cut with second input
Two-handed R1 Vertical cuts
Two-handed R2 Horizontal cut plus second horizontal cut with second input
Running/Backstep attack Horizontal cut
Rolling attack Horizontal cut
Push Quick push
One-handed L1 Block
One-handed L2 Horizontal cut

Blueblood Sword General Information



Stat Bonus

Total Requirements

Name physical attack power demonssouls 25px magic attack power demonssouls 25px fire attack demonssouls 25px strength demonssouls 25px dexterity demonssouls 25px magic demonssouls 25px faith demonssouls 25px Shard L Shard Chunk Pure Special
Blueblood Sword 100 100 0 D - E E - - - - Pureblood Demon's Soul



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    • Anonymous

      Why can this be buffed via spells? Not complaining since it looks and plays baller as **** but it doesn't make much sense to me

      • Anonymous

        The sexiest sword FromSoftware ever created, and I say that as a Moonlight lover. It looks even better in the Remake since you can finally see all the detail and shine on it, and it doesn’t look like a blurry mess. I played Demon’s Souls to death on PS3, and the game was definitely hideous to look at, unfortunately. The only time you’ll ever see me using the Classic filter in the Remake is… pretty much never.

        Blueblood Sword is still a beast in the Remake. Casting Light on it is so damn beautiful to look at, and killing players in two hits will never stop being hilarious.

        • Anonymous

          it has D and 3 E scaling. so is it better to get the minimum stats (18) and than focus on Luck?
          or are the scaling still better and I should level strength or faith?

          • Anonymous

            One dumb thing abt Dark Souls/Demon Souls is the weapons ruling character builds, for PvP in particular. An RPG game wherein any weapon can be honed and wielded effectively by player builds that do not depend upon stat optimization or optimal builds would make a better game.

            • Anonymous

              Glitch still in the remake as of 12/8/20. 11 year old son performed the gold glitch twice and now gets multiple drops per enemy and one shot enemies and bosses. I can see doing this just to farm everything in the game, but now PvP is gone. I guess soulsucker will reset his level, but who carries this spell besides final boss? I have a magic build at 122 and never one thought to carry this spell.

              • If you're a veteran in Soulsborne games fixing those glitches and bugs would have been much, MUCH more important than the best grafics in the world. Was really looking forward to this remake but I will not buy it if no major patch comes out to fix at least some of the old bs from 2009.

                • Anonymous

                  Hmm, using the soul duplication glitch and maxing out Luck, adding in that it can be further improved by spells and consumables, this is a very useful weapon, a must have no doubt.

                  • Anonymous

                    Major glitch in demon souls remake with this weapon. If you have it already, using a gold coin before leveling with the candle maiden will infinatly scale your luck statt. Hope they fix this this soon.

                    • Anonymous

                      At 99 luck and 50 strength does 477 damage. Carry black turpentine or use spell buffs... Makes it to where no other weapon seems appealing.

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