Light Weapon

Greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst equipped in left hand.)
MP Cost 50
Duration 60 seconds
Slot Cost 2 Magic Slots
Spell Type Weapon Buff Spell

Light Weapon is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Light Weapon greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst equipped in left hand.) Magic Spells focus around offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative Status Effects as well as some self-buffs.


Spell from the Demon Penetrator's Soul. Greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. Greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. Symbolises the Penetrator's gigantic sword.


Light Weapon Effect

  • Greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst equipped in left hand.)
  • Damage scales with Magic stat.
  • catalyst should be equipped to cast this spell.
  • Does not work on every weapon, only works on enchantable weapons.


How to get Light Weapon


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Light Weapon Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      my test:
      Ng+3 Blue Knight before Tower Knight Boss
      30 strength, 26 dexterity, 25 magic, Penetrator sword +5, magic power 2,400 and beast talisman
      one handed R1 = 43 (slash)
      one handed R2 = 185 (pierce)
      one handed R1 = 114 (slash)
      one handed R2 = 256 (pierce)
      Personal conclusion:
      pretty hefty buff considering my stats are all over the place. if the enemy is weak to magic this will certainly put in some work

      • Anonymous

        So I tested this with a +10 Falchion vs my +5 Crescent Falchion. My mage has 55 MAG, 10 STR, 12 DEX and the +10 Falchion with Light Weapon casted from a Beast Talisman gave me 411 total attack power: 170+34 physical, and 207 magic. The +5 Crescent Falchion gives me 361 total attack power: 112+0 physical and 119+131 magic. Yielding both 2h and attacking the Fat Official in the Tunnel City (no NG) I did 301 dmg with the +10 Falchion/Light Weapon vs 286 dmg with the +5 Crescent Falchion.
        Using a higher damage physical weapon and/or having a higher magic rating would only further boost those numbers. If you're trying to maximize single swing damage, dump some points into STR/DEX to use a higher damaging weapon and buff it with light weapon.
        As a bonus, this spell gives off a decent glow effect lighting up the environment better than the Moonlight Sword.

        • Anonymous

          I tested against fatty located before endboss and It seems it is MagAdjust * 1.18 or 1.24 depending of movest.
          I found later that wikidot mentioned MagAdjust * 1.3 so this is more or less what you can expect.
          At 30 Magic, I have 153 MagAdjust with wooden catalyst and deal ~182/190 bonus damage.
          Quite good as my weapon damage is 118/185

          • Anonymous

            "Greatly strengthens right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst equipped in left hand.). A catalyst should be equipped to cast this spell." At all times? Or, just for casting, and then you can take the shield?

            • Anonymous

              Will this spell work if I will upgrade my weapon to Crescent? "only works on enchantable weapons" - what exactly "enchantable" means in this context, enchantable as "non-boss-soul" weapon, or, not at all upgraded, or, enchantable by default and does not matter in it is upgraded?

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