Hands of God

50 icon_weight.png 0
0 -
critical.png 0
Requirements & Bonus
19 - - 16
D - - -
Weapon Type Polearm
Buffable Yes
Damage Type blunt-attack-damage-demonssouls_50px

 Hands of God is a Fist Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeFist Weapons are worn on both hands and excel in short-range combat, allowing players to execute fast and rapid attacks that can quickly execute hostile characters.


A fist weapon bearing God's name. There was once a strong man who slaughtered dragons with his bare hands.

His God-like fists earned him the title of the "Legendary Big M."


Location: Where to Find Hands of God


Hands of God Notes & Tips


Hands of God Moveset

Attack Type Effect
R1 Slash
R2 Uppercut
Running/Backstep attack Action and Slash
Rolling attack Action and Slash
Push Headbutt
L1 Punch
L2 Parry



Hands of God General Information





Name icon-wp_physicalAttack.png icon-magicbonus.png icon-firebonus.png Dexterity Bonus magic-demonssouls_25px Faith Bonus Special
Hands of God 50 70 - D - D -
Hands of God+1 50 70 - D - C Colorless Demon Soul
Hands of God+2 50 70 - C - C Colorless Demon Soul
Hands of God+3 50 70 - C - C Colorless Demon Soul
Hands of God+4 50 70 - C - B Colorless Demon Soul
Hands of God+5 50 70 - B - B Colorless Demon Soul



Fist Weapons
Normal ClawsIron Knuckles
Special Hands of God
Colorless Demon Soul Equipment
Weapons Baby's Nail  ◆  Kris Blade  ◆  Penetrating Sword  ◆  Rune Sword  ◆  Large Sword of Moonlight  ◆  Dragon Bone Smasher
Blind  ◆  Hiltless  ◆  Magic Sword "Makoto"  ◆  Epee Rapier  ◆  Geri's Stiletto  ◆  Bramd  ◆  Hands of God  ◆  Istarelle
Phosphorescent Pole  ◆  White Bow
Shields Rune Shield  ◆  Dark Silver Shield  ◆  Adjudicator's Shield  ◆  Large Brushwood Shield  ◆  Tower Shield


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    • Anonymous

      25 Jul 2021 20:08  

      The wiki says "two-handed R1" does this mean you can two-hand a single gaunlet somehow? Because having both doesn't seem to change the attack. Please let me know if anyone knows anything.

      • 14 Jun 2021 16:55  

        You only upgrade both hands of god if you kill all primeval demons, get both colorless demon souls by trading with snuggly, find the one after miralda, and get the two ones in the Mephistopheles quest. It's hard, but possible lol

        • Anonymous

          02 Mar 2021 16:15  

          Definitely a God Hand reference. God Hand was directed by Shinji Mikami - hence, "Legendary Big M." Can't believe this isn't common knowledge by now.

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2020 11:37  

            hey, your stupid site wont post my comment. these CAN BE UPGRADED IN THE REMAKE. please edit the page back if you have an account, and double check before making sweeping statements like that. don’t spread misinformation please. can only be upgraded by Ed, but CAN be upgraded!!!

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