This spell can be useful when sneaking up behind an enemy or when making a quiet escape.
MP Cost 10
Duration 30 Seconds
Slot Cost 1 Magic Slo
Spell Type Magic Spells - Buff Spell

Cloak is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Cloak makes it harder for enemies to see the caster. Magic Spells focus around offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative Status Effects as well as some self-buffs.


Cloak Effect

  • This spell can be useful when sneaking up behind an enemy or when making a quiet escape.
  • It only reduces the distance of the enemies' aggro radius by 25% when cast, this is half the distance of the Thief Ring offers.
  • It cannot be cast while any of these spells are active: Anti-Magic FieldHidden SoulProtectionRegenerationSecond ChanceSoul ThirstWarding, and Water Veil.
  • A common tactic is to lure enemies away from their post and then cast this spell. When the enemies lose track of the player, they will give up and slowly return to their post. This gives an opportunity to sprint up and backstab them.


How to get Cloak


Cloak Notes and Tips

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    • Sony PlayStation 3's Demon's Souls: This Spell has actually proven to me that it's effect is effectively greater than the effect of the Thief's Ring. Only with its effect, I can safely stand in front of the Skeleton located in World 4-2, accessed through an illusionary wall, while in Lock-On range. With the effect of the Thief's Ring, this is not possible. So the effect of this Spell excels in remaining undetected even directly in front of an Enemy's eyes for 30s, while the effect of the Thief's Ring is not as powerful (detection range/cone), but it has no time limit. The related information for both items are incorrect. I refrain to update it, because I think it is not my place to change it just easily.

      • This spell is useful against the Old Hero boss in the Ritual Path. Shoot him with magic a couple of times, cast cloak, wait for him to strike the ground and then run to the opposite end.

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