Talisman of Beasts

Talisman of Beasts

50 critical.png 0
0 magic_defense-shield-icon.jpg 0.2
MagAdjust 121 
Dmg Type ???    
Requirements & Bonus
4 - 18 18
D - C C
Weapon Type Talisman
Buffable No

Talisman of Beasts is a Talisman Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeTalismans can be equipped to increase Miracle Power, making Miracles more effective. Talismans can be equipped either on the right or left hand.


An old wooden amulet featuring a symbolic depiction of the Old One. Can be used to cast both miracles and magic.
What was considered a depiction of God was in fact an image of the Old One, portrayed as a force of feral chaos.

Talisman of Beasts Information

  • The Talisman of Beasts functions both as a Catalyst and Talisman. It is convenient to cast Miracle and Magic spells without having to switch between a Catalyst and Talisman and does of course leave a weapon slot available should you need to use both types of Spell.
  • It is the second strongest in Magic Power and in most cases, it will do more damage with Spells than anything but the Insanity Catalyst. Miracles that don't rely on a stat like Second Chance or Evacuate are especially useful when the minimum Faith stat for the weapon is maintained.


Talisman of Beasts Location: Where to Find Talisman of Beasts


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Talisman of Beasts Notes and Tips

  • This talisman cannot be upgraded.
  • Allows casting of both Spells and Miracles, though Miracle power is less because of the Talisman of Beasts' low Miracle assist.
  • The HP drain of Cursed Weapon is diminished from 1% health drain per second to 1 HP drain per second when used without meeting any of the stat requirements of the Talisman of Beasts. This is called a "Cracked" Talisman of Beasts and works well for melee players that utilize Cursed Weapon and non-scaling Spells/Miracles like Second Chance and Warding so in another words if you want to use anything that scales, you should also bring another catalyst/talisman of your choice since scaling spells/miracles are useless with "Cracked" Talisman of Beasts. (Note: Such build would be highly inefficient since you can't meet magic or faith requirements thus making the scaling spells very weak)
  • Since the Talisman of Beasts has a C/C rating in Magic and Faith, Spell power scales with both stats. Spells will deal more damage when using a ToB with Magic 30 and Faith 30, as opposed to Magic 40 and Faith 20 or Magic 20 Faith 40 for instance.
  • As a general rule, if your Faith and Magic stats are equal then the Talisman of Beasts will deal roughly the same damage as the Insanity Catalyst with all spells except Light Weapon. At Magic 43 and Faith 43, the Talisman of Beasts begins to out damage the Insanity Catalyst, though from Magic 35 and Faith 35 and higher the two weapons have very little difference in damage output. 'Pushing' both Magic and Faith Stats in this way creates the "Pushed" Talisman of Beasts that is sometimes referred to. Therefore, if you are pumping both Magic and Faith with Talisman of Beasts instead of just Magic with Insanity Catalyst, the damage per stat point is less. However at max stats Talisman of Beasts is still stronger than Insanity Catalyst.  



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    • Anonymous

      21 Jun 2021 20:37  

      Definitely seems to be cracked on my main character in Demon's Souls Remake. 24 Faith and 10 Magic, Cursed Weapon deals about 1 HP damage per second as far as I can tell.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jan 2021 15:39  

        I met the requirements for the talisman on magic but not faith, so I deleveled myself to not meet any of the requirements, but the "cracked" talisman still doesn't work on Cursed Weapon because I'm losing 1%HP instead of 1HP. Is it too late?

        • Anonymous

          02 Jan 2021 11:02  

          I'm pretty confident it still works. I saw streamers use it. I think you just have to not meet ANY requirements. So when you met the faith requirement it stopped working. You could try and test the theory.

          • Anonymous

            07 Dec 2020 19:33  

            "Cracked talisman" does not seem to work in Demons Souls Remake. Casting Cursed Weapon with 18 faith, 6 magic and roughly 700hp I lose ~7hp per second.

            • Anonymous

              14 Nov 2020 05:16  

              This misconception again. I've said this since the first souls game and now it's full circle. Do not compare 2 stats investment weapon with a 1 stat investment weapon. Example: 30magic+30faith =\= 30 magic. That's 60 soul levels to 30 soul levels. It should be 30magic+30faith = 60 magic. In which case Insanity Catalyst still does more damage. Tailsman of beasts surpasses Insanity Catalyst at around 53magic+53faith. That's 106 soul levels, a entire builds worth in a game with soul level match-making! In a souls game with spells like second chance, 90% to 100% magic block shields, 40% magic resistance rings, and the BEST invinciblilty roll frames & hyper armor how likely are you gonna kill someone at the minimum soul level range of 106? Even at soul level 60, how much hp and stamina do they have, not counting anti-magic gear and spells? If you like efficency, use it for it's ability to cast both types of buffs. If you like glass cannon mages then go 99/99 pushed tob build with sharp ring + yellow hat for fun, but like the advice of another souls game: Prepare to die.

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