talisman of god weapons demons soul remake wiki guide150px

of God

physical attack power demonssouls 50px 50
Type ?
Spell Power
miracle power icon demon's souls wiki guide50px 131
damage reduction demonssouls 50px 30 magic reduction 50px 10
firedefense 50px ? guard break reduction 50px ?
Scaling & Requirements
strength demonssouls 50px dexterity demonssouls 50px magic demonssouls 50px faith demonssouls 50px
D - B
5 - -
durability 50px 300 weight demonssouls 50px 0.2
Buffable No
Category Talisman

Talisman of God is a Talisman Weapon in Demon's Souls. Talismans allow the user to cast Miracles, support Spells that generally aid one's self and allies rather than harming enemies.


A metal crafted amulet which resembles the symbol of God. Used to cast Miracles.

How To Obtain


Notes & Tips

  • Cannot be upgraded.
  • Compared to the Talisman of Beasts, this Talisman has much less versatility due to the former's unique properties. However, it has much more powerful Miracles.


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Normal Talisman of God
Special Talisman of Beasts

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