The Monolith Forest  is a Location in Demon's Souls Remake. It becomes available after defeating the Storm KingThe Monolith Forest can be found in the Shrine of Storms.



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The Monolith Forest World Tendency Events

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Black World

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Full The Monolith Forest Walkthrough


Boss Battle: Storm King


The Storm King is an oversized storm beast with a large multi-spear attack that homes in on the player's location. To learn more about strategies and tips on how to defeat this boss, you can check the video guide below or check the Storm King page. Now, there are various items that can be found here as well, to the left side of the path downwards you can obtain x4 New Moon Grass, you can grab Storm Ruler in the cemetery area. Also, in one of the graves in the cemetery area, emerges a Crystal Lizard and there's another one nearby hidden on a patch of grass.


You can find  x1 Storied Hero's Soul behind a gigantic stone. Inside the ruined tower or house, if you enter from behind you can obtain x11 Holy Arrow. To the far right, away from the cemetery, there's a body behind a big boulder, it has x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. If you keep going to the right, near the edge of the cliff, there's another body - you can also find armor pieces for the Shaman's Set.


This one contains x2 Chunk of Cloudstone. Once the boss is gone, the archstone will appear, touch to obtain x1 Storm Demon's Soul and x1 Pure Cloudstone, and return to The Nexus to prepare for the next location.




The Monolith Forest Video




The Monolith Forest Map



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