Throne of the False King  is a Location in Demon's Souls RemakeThrone of the False King is the final battlefield against Old King Allant. Throne of the False King can be found in the Boletarian Palace.



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Throne of the False King World Tendency Events

White World

No White World Events.

Black World

No Black World events.

Note: Biorr can be hostile, against the player, while he is fighting the dragon (it is not known if this is a feature or a bug). Pure Black World Tendency required


Full Throne of the False King Walkthrough

Boss Battle: Old King Allant


Allant, driven by a lust for power, became a demon after he made a pact with The Old One. This boss is known as the 'False King' because it is not the REAL Allant. After Allant allied with the Old One, he was given immense power. Using this power, he fashioned a demon made in his own image, made to look like his old self at the height of his power. This demon would lead the demon armies against Boletaria.


To learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, you can check the video guide below or jump to the Old King Allant page. Once you've defeated the boss, the archstone will appear and you can obtain x1 False King Demon's Soul. Now, return to The Nexus to prepare for the End Game.




Throne of the False King Video



Throne of the False King Map



Throne of the False King Trivia & Notes

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Altar of Storms  ♦  Boletarian Palace  ♦  Depraved Chasm  ♦  End Game  ♦  Gates of Boletaria  ♦  Inner Ward  ♦  Island's Edge  ♦  Prison of Hope  ♦  Rotting Haven  ♦  Shrine of Storms  ♦  Smithing Grounds  ♦  Stonefang Tunnel  ♦  Swamp of Sorrow  ♦  The Ivory Tower  ♦  The King's Tower  ♦  The Lord's Path  ♦  The Nexus  ♦  The Ritual Path  ♦  The Tunnel City  ♦  Underground Temple  ♦  Upper Latria  ♦  Valley of Defilement



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