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Lava Bow

physical attack power demonssouls 25px
55 plague 25px 0
magic attack power demonssouls 25px
critical strike 25px
fire attack demonssouls 25px


durability 25px
bleeding 25px
0 weight demonssouls 25px 2.0
poison 25px
Requirements & Bonus
strength demonssouls 25px
dexterity demonssouls 25px
magic demonssouls 25px
faith demonssouls 25px
21 16 - -
D D E -
Weapon Type Bow
Buffable No
Damage Type Piercing

Lava Bow is a Bow in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUsing a bow allows players to attack enemies from afar. They require Arrows in order to be used.


A long bow with limbs like a spider's leg. It was forged from the Soul of the Demon "Armor Spider." It imbues all arrows fired with fire attributes.

Lava Bow Location: Where to Find Lava Bow


Lava Bow Notes and Tips

  • The Lava Bow applies an additional 100 Fire damage to all arrows it fires. This fire damage scales with the Magic stat.
  • Preferred by low Dexterity players as it does not have high stat requirements
  • Has the highest durability of any bow/crossbow in the game


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Lava Bow Moveset

Attack Type Effect
One-handed R1  
One-handed R2  
Two-handed R1  
Two-handed R2  
Running/Backstep attack  
Rolling attack  
One-handed L1  
One-handed L2  



Compound Long Bow  ♦  Compound Short Bow  ♦  Long Bow  ♦  Short Bow  ♦  White Bow

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    • Anonymous

      My searing demon soul disappeared when I accidentally hit NO when I was suppose to give it to Ed. How do I get it back??

      • Anonymous

        At the early part of new game plus I gave ed .y flamelurker soul so that i could make northern regalia, which I immediately did. Now in early 4th quarter of game i have the hard demon soul and went to upgrade my plus 10 large compound bow to lava and it doesn't take. Do i need another flamelurker soul or do i just need to get another large compound bow too plus 7? Thanks in advance.

        • Anonymous

          I justt turned my +7 short compound bow into the Lava Bow and imediately after that another short compoud bow showed up on the upgrade screen and I thought i needed to press it. And imidiately my Lava Bow disapeared and came back as an +1 short compound bow.
          I lost the lava bow? I even whent back to check if it went to storage and no Bow . I went back to Ed and talkedto him and nothing. I Have Lost It!!!??

          • Anonymous

            For all Demon's Souls players... This is the best Bow in the game ( For Magic Builds aswell as Faith Miracle builds ). You see , this is the only Bow that technically Scales with Magic Stat in terms of that Fire Bonus Damage that this unique Bow has ( I'm in NG+2 , and this is the most Viable Bow to use against even Tough Enemies no matter what kinda Arrows you use either ). Lava Bow also doesn't have any upgrades , but as of before i used to go with Compound Long Bow +10... The only difference between the 2 Bows is that the Long Bow only has a better damage in terms of Raw damage using different Arrows... But if you have like +40 Magic Stat into your Character , the Lava Bow deals a very good damage actually rather than the Long Bow +10 ( Lava Bow with Heavy Arrows or White Arrows is your best Bet going up against Tough Enemies... or even the 2 Dragons in Boletaria ). Lava Bow is also viable for a Mage Magic build aswell. As the Lava Bow takes the Role of Flame Toss instead of equipping it that means you are saving up 1 Magic Spell Slot for something else helpful ( Like Poison Cloud or even Soul Arrow ). So never underestimate the Lava Bow , it's fairly exactly like Blueblood Sword but the Ranged Weapon version of that sick weapon... Also the Lava Bow works really well for High Dex/STR quality builds too dont forget that.

            • Anonymous

              editors of this page, could you please set the fire damage on this thing to 100, like how it actually is. If a newbie looked at this and saw it did 55 physical damage on its own then they would think its kind of bad and not use this weapon, even though they may very well like it. Thanks.

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