Gloom Leggings

Normal Defence 20 Pierce Defence 20
Blunt Defence 20 Magic Defence 12
Slash Defence 24 Fire Defence 14
Bleed Defence 28 Weight 6.9
Poison Defence 28 Durability 450
 Plague Defence 28    
Gender Unisex
Armor Type Legging

Gloom Leggings is a Legging in Demon's Souls.


Black iron greaves worn by Yurt, the Silent Chief
A portion of the complete armor set which has an extremely high level of adhesion. The black iron robs the wearer of his or her body heat, causing them to shiver and breathe out cold air.
Its heaviness slightly impedes stamina regeneration.



Acquisition/Where to Find


Armor Set


Notes and Tips:

  • This armor set offers more poison resistant then the Fluted Set.
  • Also, unlike the Fluted Set, this Armor Set offers Plague resistant as well.


Moveset and Videos:

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