Max Upgrade +5
Upgrade Starts +3
Damage Type Poison

Mercurystone is an Upgrade item found in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUpgrade Materials are items that are used to strengthen the statistical value and to increase the effect of a certain piece of equipment.


Melted, poisonous ore. Enhances knives, curved swords, spears, and so on.

An ore that applies a strong poison to the weapon. Weapons can be strengthened by Mercurystones up to a maximum of level 5.


Mercurystone Types and Availability


Mercurystone ShardMercurystone Shard


Mercurystone ChunkMercurystone Chunk


Pure MercurystonePure Mercurystone


Mercurystone Compatible Weapons

Bladestone  ♦  Clearstone  ♦  Cloudstone  ♦  Dragonstone  ♦  Faintstone  ♦  Greystone  ♦  Hardstone  ♦  Large Hardstone Shard  ♦  Large Sharpstone Shard  ♦  Marrowstone  ♦  Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Bladestone  ♦  Pure Clearstone  ♦  Pure Cloudstone  ♦  Pure Dragonstone  ♦  Pure Faintstone  ♦  Pure Greystone  ♦  Pure Hardstone  ♦  Pure Marrowstone  ♦  Pure Mercurystone  ♦  Pure Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Sharpstone  ♦  Pure Spiderstone  ♦  Pure Suckerstone  ♦  Sharpstone  ♦  Spiderstone  ♦  Suckerstone



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    • Anonymous

      Copied from the Upgrades page:

      Mercury Upgrades
      Upgrade weapons with the Mercury upgrade path from +1 to a max level of +5. Requires the Mercurystone. A slight increase to DEX and lowers the STR stat. But it applies the Poison effect that can inflict poison against enemies that are hit. Further increasing it boosts the effect of the poison.

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