Max Upgrade +5
Upgrade Starts 0
Damage Type N/A

Bladestone is an Upgrade in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUpgrade Materials are items that are used to strengthen the statistical value and to increase the effect of a certain piece of equipment.


Ore wet with dew. Enhances knives, curved swords, spears, and so on.

An ore used to make weapons that take skill to rend enemies. Weapons can be strengthened by Bladestones up to a maximum of level 5. Using bladestones to enhance a weapon can cause them to become brittle, so exercise caution.



Bladestone Types and Availability



Clearstone  ♦  Cloudstone  ♦  Dragonstone  ♦  Faintstone  ♦  Greystone  ♦  Hardstone  ♦  Large Hardstone Shard  ♦  Large Sharpstone Shard  ♦  Marrowstone  ♦  Mercurystone  ♦  Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Bladestone  ♦  Pure Clearstone  ♦  Pure Cloudstone  ♦  Pure Dragonstone  ♦  Pure Faintstone  ♦  Pure Greystone  ♦  Pure Hardstone  ♦  Pure Marrowstone  ♦  Pure Mercurystone  ♦  Pure Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Sharpstone  ♦  Pure Spiderstone  ♦  Pure Suckerstone  ♦  Sharpstone  ♦  Spiderstone  ♦  Suckerstone


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    • Anonymous

      so I got into Pure black and started at the adjudicator archstone (PS3)
      always ran upstairs and killed the black skeleton. he droped 2 or 1 shards
      after 10 minutes I ran to the reaper and killed the one black there. instantly a pure bladestone

      I am happy and this is nice but I need chunks first haha. and they won't drop for me

      • Anonymous

        I somehow got 2 pure stones in a row from the 4-2 black skeleton yet I’m struggling to get the rest of the mats from the same guy lol

        • Anonymous

          Copied from the Upgrades page:

          Sharp Upgrades
          Upgrade weapons with the Sharp upgrade path from +1 to a max level of +5. Forge weapons with the Bladestone that provides a DEX bonus but at the same time, it lowers any STR bonus.

          • Anonymous

            Can confirm the shards also drop from the Black Skeletons. Easiest farming method (easiest, but definitely not easy) is to spawn at the Adjudicator Stone with the Thief Ring, Providential Ring, and Great Club. Head back up the stairs to get a backstab on the black skeleton and wail on it until it drops something.

            • Anonymous

              I updated the page (removed weapons from the list that can't be upgraded with bladestone). Should be correct now.

              • Anonymous

                Uhhh compatible weapons aren't correct right now. Pretty sure you cant use sharpstone on a bow... or the mace or long sword or Knights sword...

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