Pure Suckerstone

Pure Suckerstone

Material Suckerstone
Usage Used to upgrade equipment

Pure Suckerstone is an upgrade item in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUpgrade Materials are items that are used to strengthen the statistical value and to increase the effect of a certain piece of equipment.


Vampiric ore that sticks to the skin. Enhances curved swords, katanas, and so on.

An ore that applies a strong bloodletting effect to the weapon. Weapons can be strengthened by Suckerstones up to a maximum of level 5.


Pure Suckerstone Location: Where to Find Pure Suckerstone


Pure Suckerstone Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      08 Jan 2021 23:58  

      If you are really wanting to make a bleed build then there is quite literally no reason to farm for this, as the makoto katana has the highest bleed at 600, or 10 damage per second.

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