Chunk of Bladestone

Bladestone Chunk

Material Bladestone
Usage Used to upgrade equipment

Bladestone Chunk  (or Chunk of Bladestone) is an upgrade item  in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls RemakeUpgrade Materials are items that are used to strengthen the statistical value and to increase the effect of a certain piece of equipment.


Ore wet with dew. Enhances knives, curved swords, spears, and so on.

An ore used to make weapons that take skill to rend enemies. Weapons can be strengthened by Bladestones up to a maximum of level 5. Using bladestones to enhance a weapon can cause them to become brittle, so exercise caution.


Bladestone Chunk Location: Where to Find Bladestone Chunk


Bladestone Chunk Compatible Equipments


Bladestone Chunk Notes and Tips

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Bladestone  ♦  Clearstone  ♦  Cloudstone  ♦  Dragonstone  ♦  Faintstone  ♦  Greystone  ♦  Hardstone  ♦  Large Hardstone Shard  ♦  Large Sharpstone Shard  ♦  Marrowstone  ♦  Mercurystone  ♦  Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Bladestone  ♦  Pure Clearstone  ♦  Pure Cloudstone  ♦  Pure Dragonstone  ♦  Pure Faintstone  ♦  Pure Greystone  ♦  Pure Hardstone  ♦  Pure Marrowstone  ♦  Pure Mercurystone  ♦  Pure Moonlightstone  ♦  Pure Sharpstone  ♦  Pure Spiderstone  ♦  Pure Suckerstone  ♦  Sharpstone  ♦  Spiderstone  ♦  Suckerstone

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    • Anonymous

      Don't bother with the SIlver or Golden Skelletons because the droprate sucks.

      Just do the Red ones from 4-2 when you go up the stairs and down behind the hidden walls. First one can easily be backstabbed and the second one should be parried (Dagger or Thrusting Sword).

      Here is how i did it:

      • Anonymous

        I've gotten 2 pure bladestones and 3 Uchigatanas in the time it's taken me to get 85% of the chunks I need to +5 a single weapon. Kill me.

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