Old Hero Archstone is a Location in Demon's Souls.Archstone of the Demon Old Hero
After purification, heroes' remains are offered to the Storm King. His wings cover the sky, and he is accompanied by Storm Beasts


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Full  Old Hero Archstone Walkthrough

There are two ways to take on this boss.

One of them is to ignore the Stormruler and use your regular magic/bow to slowly take out the Mantas from near the entrance point, and then attack the main Demon as he approaches. This is safer but will take more patience and finesse

The other option is to enter the boss area and ignore everything, running forward and then left towards the pillars and ruins. In the center near the Crystal Geckos, there is the "Stormruler": a sword that can "tear the sky". Take it and equip it, then target the many mantas and boss and use R1 to attack them from the ground. Taking out the Mantas first can help avoid damage, so concentrate on them, always rolling after each attack to avoid being hit by their projectiles.

There's a ruined building forward and along the right side of where you enter; you can hide behind it and avoid almost all of the Manta stingers, as well as the Storm King stinger volley. This is very useful because Stormruler's wind wave attack does go through the walls, so you can hide, use autotarget while peeking around the side, and kill the mantas without much danger.

Whichever you chose, whenever you see the boss coming, you should be extra careful to roll and evade his attacks, that are fatal. Cast total protection often, and counter as soon as you have avoided the attacks.

After you defeat the Demon, touch the archstone to receive the Storm Demon Soul and Pure Cloudstone. Do not consume the Soul yet, look at the sections for its uses.

  • Note: This area is the ideal place to find Chunks of Cloudstone, that you will need to upgrade your shield to the maximum. To frind the items, make sure to take out the Mantas whilst they are over land, so that you can get the drops.

Old Hero Archstone Map


(Maps Used With Permission)

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.
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