Dirty Colossus Archstone is a Location in Demon's Souls. Archstone of the Demon Dirty Colossus
In a swamp infested by poisonous and vile creatures lies a filth-encrusted valley. The poor journey to this rotten place to offer their souls so that they might be freed from their suffering.

General Information


NPCs in the area




Lore Notes:

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World Tendency Events

White World

Black Phantom Garl Vinland appears. Pure White World Tendency required.

Black World

  • No Black World events

Full  Dirty Colossus Archstone Walkthrough

When you enter the area, you should see three Depraved Ones that are too pre-occupied to bother with attacking you. Kill them and proceed to the right cliff, where there are several more Depraved Ones and a short wooden walkway. You will have to kill them all because they will eventually turn on you when you Maiden Astraea. Move to the edge of the walkway. From this safe point,

(1) you can shoot arrows at Maiden Astraea without any fear of retaliation. This is the easiest way to kill her, assuming that you can out damage her healing, she will die.

After Astrea dies,  Garl Vinland will be pacified will stand with his head lowered, unless you attack him he won't bother attacking you.

You can either fight him, or just load your current game and he will be dead. His armor and shield will be available at his spawning point.

(2) If you kill Garl Vinland first, you can casually walk up to Maiden Astraea and talk to her. She then commits suicide, telling you that she can no longer defend herself and that you can have your precious Demon's Soul. But if you have attacked her instead, she will attack you with the God's Wrath and try to guilt you for attacking her. 

Dirty Colossus Archstone Map


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If you defeated Maiden Astraea on Pure White World Tendency, you can go back to Dirty Colossus Archstone and fight Black Phantom Garl Vinland, who then drops the weapon, Bramd after defeating Black Phantom Garl Vinland. Also note that if you left Garl Vinland alive, Black Phantom Garl will be in the way of his drops after a reload or revisit.


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