Cursed Weapon

MP Cost 100
Duration 60 Seconds
Slot Cost 3 Magic Slot
Spell Type Weapon Buff Spell

Cursed Weapon is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls


Spell from the Demon Penetrator's Soul
Strengthens and curses right-hand weapon. (Used with catalyst in left hand.)
Symbolizes the huge sword wielded by Penetrator, which has cut down many warriors who attempted to slay the demon.



Notes and Tips:

  • Boosts right-hand weapon's Physical damage by 50%
  • Drains HP 1% of Max HP per second.
  • Can only be used with enchantable weapons.
  • If you cast this spell with a catalyst, instead of losing 1% of HP you will loss 1 HP per second instead but the damage boost will remains at 50%.

Moveset and Videos:

  •  ??



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    • Anonymous

      29 Jan 2019 00:00  

      It says 'If you cast this spell with a catalyst, instead of losing 1% HP you will lose 1 HP per second...' So how do you lost 1% HP, how else can you cast it?

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