Shoots a ball of fire and generates an explosion
MP Cost 20
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 2 Magic Slots
Spell Type Damage Spell

Fireball is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Fireball allows you to shoot a ball of fire and generates an explosion Magic Spells focus around offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative Status Effects as well as some self-buffs.


Shoots a ball of fire and generates an explosion. Born from dragon bones soaked in lava, this Demon was the embodiment of the power inherent in the colossal flames. 

Fireball Effect

  • Shoots a ball of fire and generates an explosion.
  • Causes enemies to stagger.
  • Moderate splash that deals full damage.
  • Deals higher damage than Flame Toss and Soul Ray.


How to get Fireball


Fireball Notes and Tips

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    • This spell is ridiculous for pvp and even pve. I use it to casually one shot phantoms and hosts alike. I have Insanity Catalyst, Monk's head collar, RoMS, Foe's Ring, and Kris Blade +5 at 40 magic. I get a full 7 casts at 40 int and the AoE on the end nets more kills than you can imagine. I usually start casting and then flip around and hit them, or free aim if I want the roll catch. For pve I used it to kill penetrator NG+ because I didn't want to anger or kill Bior with Firestorm (I was using Super Hyper Mode though [Morion Blade instead of Kris, CRR instead of Foe's]), and he was dead in under 30 seconds. Firestorm will forever be the most powerful and ridiculous spell in the game, but when it comes to range and sustainability, Fireball is second to none.
      Note: When I get invaded I use Graverobber's Ring instead of Foe's, and oneshot them before they could ever see me, so if you have been one shot by a Fireball from a host you never saw, and you live in Northwest of the US, it easily could have been me

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