MP Cost 18
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 2 Magic Slots
Spell Type Damage Spell

Ignite is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls. Magic spells are associated with dark or black magic and are used for offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative status effects against hostile characters such as enemies and bosses.


Spell from the Demon Armor Spider's Soul.

Generates a large flame from the user's fingers. An extremely rudimentary type of fire magic.


Ignite Trainer/Acquisition


Ignite Notes and Tips

  • Casting time is almost instant.
  • It's 30% more powerful than Fireball.
  • Deals full splash damage to enemies near the user.
  • Very Limited Range, almost melee range maybe around 1 or 2 steps in front of the caster.


Ignite Moveset and Videos

  •  ??



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    • Anonymous

      16 Sep 2020 18:48  

      Almost identical to great combustion from DS1, good at taking down one or two enemies and maybe bosses, but limited in range.

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