Acid Cloud

Generates a cloud of acid which corrodes equipped armor and weapons.
MP Cost 30
Duration 4 - 6 Seconds
Slot Cost 1 Magic Slot
Spell Type Cloud Spell

Acid Cloud is a Magic Spell in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Acid Cloud generates a cloud of acid which corrodes equipped Armor and Weapons. Magic Spells focus around offensive strategies that can both inflict damage and apply negative Status Effects as well as some self-buffs.


Acid Cloud Effect

  • Generates a cloud of acid which corrodes equipped Armor and Weapons.
  • Enemies who are exposed to the cloud gradually lose equipment durability points.


How to get Acid Cloud


Acid Cloud Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      This thing really is bullshit for PVP. For low level players it could take a long time to farm enough souls for all the repairs. It also feels like the cheap kind of difficult that has nothing to do with skill or mechanics. I have many, many hours in DeS but I'd never use this on other players because it feels like it's just a troll type weapon and ruins the fairness of battle. It's also pretty useless for PVE. Shame that this is all the Eroded Soul can buy.

      • Anonymous

        Bloody pain in the ass when your low level. Some guy came up to me did this and destroyed everything and now it will cost me 17000 souls to repair which is ridiculous at my level

        • Anonymous

          You all just forgot the fact, that it destroys your opponents weapon, which results in dealing less dmg to you. Repairing armor/weapons isnt that kind of a problem since the costs for it are about ignoreable. So this is a great pvp spell, dont just overlook it.

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