Type General Stat
Effect Determines your total Health.

HP is a General Stat in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. HP determines your character's total Health. General Stats are determined by your Attributes and can be also acquired from some Equipment.


HP Effect

  • Determines your total Health. 
  • Represents the survivability of the player. It depletes when damage is received and can be restored by healing. When it reaches zero, you die.


How to increase HP

Health can be increased intrinsically by adding points to the Vitality stat when leveling up.

Your Maximum HP will increase by a certain amount depending on the level:

  • + 16~33 per point until Vitality Lvl 30 (the more points the bigger the increase)
  • + 21~24 per point starting from Vitality Lvl 31 to Lvl 40
  • + 15~20 per point starting from Vitality Lvl 41 to Lvl 49
  • + 8~11 per point starting from Vitality Lvl 50 up to Lvl 99

Also, if you are in soul form you can use the Cling Ring to increase your HP.


Notes and Tips:

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