Safer Landing

Type General Stat
Effect Determines damage from falls.

Safer Landing is a General Stat in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Safer Landing determines your character's damage from falls. General Stats are determined by your Attributes and can be also acquired from some Equipment.


Safer Landing Effect

  • Determines damage from falls.


How to increase Safer Landing

Safer Landing can be increased intrinsically by adding points to the Dexterity stat when leveling up

Each Point you assign to Dexterity decreases the damage you’ll take from falling. In Demon's Souls, some attributes provide diminishing returns, meaning that higher levels will provide you fewer benefits. Here you can find a break down of diminishing returns by level:

  • Increasing Dexterity to Lvl 16, every subsequent increase in Dexterity will slightly reduce falling damage.


Notes and Tips:

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