Equip Burden

Type General Stat
Effect  Determines your character's item carrying capacity

Equip Burden is a General Stat in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Equip Burden determines your character's item carrying capacity. General Stats are determined by your Attributes and can be also acquired from some Equipment.


Equip Burden Effect

  • Determines your character's equipped item carrying capacity, based on the weapons and armor you have equipped: the heavier, the higher the burden
    • Equipped arrows and rings do not increase Equip Burden
    • Carried, but unequipped, weapons and armor do not effect Equip Burden, but instead count towards Item Burden
  • Equip Burden impacts your roll type and movement speed
    • At 50% and below:  max move and sprint speed; fast roll
    • Above 50% but at or less than 100%:  max move and sprint speed reduced; roll is shorter and recovery is
      slower (aka fat roll)
    • Above 100%: cannot sprint;  attempting to roll will stagger the player


How to increase Equip Burden

Each Point you assign to Endurance increases Equip Burden (item carrying capacity). Equip Burden is not affected by diminishing returns.

  • + 1 per point until Endurance 99.


Notes and Tips:

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General Stats
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