Delevel: How to re-spec in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake includes the various ways that players can use to lower their current Soul Level. Players may want to intentionally lower their Soul Level to re-spec into a different type of build or to fix the Stats distribution of the current one. Below you can find a list with all the alternatives to Delevel in Demon's Souls.

Delevel: How to re-spec in Demon's Souls

How Deleveling Works

Deleveling can be used for lowering the Soul Level of your character. This is often done to manipulate Stats or to Re-Spec into a different Build.

The only way to lower a character's Stats is to decrease its Soul Level. The Stat that decrease a point when de-leveling will be the one that has the largest difference over the starting stat for that character's Class (If there is more than one Stat with the same difference from the starting Stat, the one listed above will be the one to decrease)


  • Vitality cannot be lowered.
  • Stats cannot be lowered below the starting Stats for that particular Class.

Original PS3 Demon's Souls

The following methods are available in the Original PS3 game

Black Phantom Invader

Players can lower their Soul Level by 1 each time they complete one of the following strategies

  • Suicide using environmental damage. Players can join a Host and then jump from a high platform to kill themselves. This will throw the player back to its own world and drop the Soul Level by 1
  • Get Banished by Host. If the host uses the Banish Miracle on a Black Phantom, the invading player will return to its own world and the Soul Level will be lowered by 1.
  • Using a White Eye Stone. An invading Black Phantom can use a White Eye Stone to return to its own world. This will lower his Soul Level by 1.

Demon's Souls Remake and Original Demon's Souls

The following methods are available in both the Demon's Souls Remake and Original Demon's Souls

Soulsucker Spell

Players can team up with other players to reduce their Soul Level by using the Soulsucker Spell and the Red Eye Stone.

To perform this method, summon the other player using the Red Eye Stone (the Blue Eye Stone will not work, as the spell only works against hostile characters). Let the invading player use the Soulsucker Spell on you. For each Soulsucker Spell cast, your Soul Level will be reduced by 1, and the other player will gain as many souls as you spent for that level.

Old King Allant Soulsuck

Old King Allant has a unique Soulsuck Spell, that he uses when you are in close to him. Each time he uses Soulsuck on you, your Soul Level will be lowered by one.

He can perform subsequent Soulsuck attacks which deals heavy damage, so make sure you have enough Health and Health Regenration.

NOTE: This method is best used for players that don't have access to Online, or want to perform the de-level on their own

Mephistopheles Soulsuck

Mephistopheles can also use the Soulsuck Spell if you become hostile towards her. She can use the Soulsuck Spell up to 4 times each battle. This is most easily achieved if you keep within melee range of her with your shield up. Once you have blocked Phalanx Archstone of her attacks and she has staggered, she will usually pull out her catalyst and cast Soulsucker

This method is not advised as you won't be able to restore her attitude towards you. Also keep in mind that if you kill her, you won't be able to use this method anymore

NOTE: Reloading the game will reset her standing position but not her hostility, so any remaining quests will be unavailable until your next playthrough.

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    • Anonymous

      It's really confusing how From handles respeccing. DS2 and DS3 showed that it's a great quality of life mechanic, but for some reason Bloodborne and DeS Remake didn't get the option. And in DS3 it's also only 5 times per NG cycle with Rosaria lore as an excuse.

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate the faithfulness to the original mechanics of the older game but they really dropped the ball with not being able to re-spec and other quality of life features.

        • I just edited this section so that it reflects that killing oneself in game does not de level the character . This edit was suggest by several commenters. I integrated what works in the Demon's souls remake and original version with a title header.

          • Anonymous

            I accidentally respec’d not knowing any of this like a bozo... then, deleted my level 47 (not a big deal)... but then I uninstalled the game.... and now I’m reading this- I start over tomorrow.

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