Allows the caster to revive nearby Blue Phantoms.
MP Cost 50
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 1 Miracle Slots
Spell Type Resurrection Miracle

Resurrection is a Miracle in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Miracles are spells that focus on defense and healing properties which include a variety of utility and augmentation magic as well as a range of offensive magic.


Miracle from the Demon Maiden Astraea's Soul. Returns any Phantom near the caster back to their own world, granting them their living body. This miracle is a countersign of the corrupted former Sixth Saint Astraea.


Resurrection Effect

  • Can revive nearby Blue Phantoms.
  • Blue Phantoms being revived will be immediately kicked out of the casters' worlds.
  • Reviving Blue Phantoms with this spell will NOT shift the caster's World Tendency.


How to get Resurrection


Resurrection Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here



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    • Anonymous

      The only use this has is that if your friend, whom you are helping through the game, dies, you can summon them, since passwords enable coop and pvp in areas where the boss is defeated, then ressurect them. Since the ressurection stones are limited, this can serve as an alternative. As it is easy to avoid death though (by closing the game before dying), it is still quite useless...

      • Anonymous

        This should give blues their full body form health but keep them in your world so that they survive longer during fights. If they quit or died, they'd go back to soul form in their own world, but if they beat the boss with you they could keep body form. As of now this spell is useless.

        • Anonymous

          If it doesn't shift world tendency what's the point of this spell? Seems like most summons want to help you beat a boss not just get their bodies back. Anyone tried this on the phantoms in the Nexus?

          • Anonymous

            since when did it shift wt? this never shifted wt in the og, nor does it in the remake. it's just to help a blue get their body form back.

            • Anonymous

              Mam już dziurę w nexus, to znaczy że nie będę mógł już nikogo wezwać, nie widzę nigdzie niebieskich napisów, chciałem tym cudem zrobić białą tendencje ale chyba nic z tego ...

              • Anonymous

                Can confirn that, at least in the remake, using this does NOT affect your tendency, World or otherwise. BWT in World 1 and BCT, after 6 resurrected phantoms both are still Black.

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