Heals a large amount of HP depending on the player's Faith.
MP Cost 60
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 2 Miracle Slots
Spell Type Healing Miracle

Recovery is a Miracle in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Recovery heals a large amount of HP depending on the player's Faith. Miracles are spells that focuses on defense and healing properties which include a variety of utility and augmentation magic as well as a range of offensive magic.


Miracle from a Primeval Demon's Soul. Greatly recovers the caster's HP. In order to combat evil, God endowed mankind with special powers.


Recovery Effect

  • Heals a large amount of HP.
  • HP recovered depends on the player's Faith.


How to get Recovery


Recovery Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      As this takes twice the MP and twice the faith slots, is it twice as powerful or is the standard heal better value?

      • Anonymous

        THREE of the most valuable resources in the game for a self heal that takes up two slots? Yeah, this blows.

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