Blue Phantoms in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake are actual players summoned to assist the host during the game, thus enabling to play cooperatively. To do so, players must use the Blue Eye Stone. Up to two Blue Phantoms may be summoned at the same time.


Blue Phantoms Information


You obtain the Blue Eye Stone from The Maiden in Black after killing Phalanx and talking with The Monumental in The Nexus for the first time.


Players in body form may summon up to two Blue Phantoms by activating their summon signs. Signs are left by using a Blue Eye Stone while in soul form, and can only be left by players who are in soul form. Successfully defeating any boss will send any currently summoned Blue Phantoms to their home world, and resurrect them to body form.

Blue Phantoms who help defeat a boss will not progress in their own game, and must still defeat the boss for themselves.


Item Trading

While playing cooperatively, players may give items to each other and in a sort of trade. While there is no designated option for this, it has to be done "manually" by dropping items on the ground and letting the other player pick them up. Doing this you can trade Weapons, Armor and Items.

Soul Level

Players can only see blue summon signs if their owners are within 10 levels (+/- an additional 10% of their current character level). For example, a level 100 player can choose to summon anyone between level 80 and level 120, and a level 30 player can choose to summon anyone between levels 17-43. 

For more information, please refer to the Summon Range Calculator page.


Server Availability

Servers for the original Demon's Souls on PS3 were shut down on February 28, 2018. All the information displayed on this page, was written when the server's functionality was still going on.


There is no voice chat in Demon's Souls. However, players can communicate through emotes. To do so, hold the X button for a short time. This will show show you a list of available gestures to perform.


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